Disturbing: Proof Biden is Afraid of the American People

Joe Biden’s very inauguration is proof that he is already the nation’s most unpopular president. The normal way of an inauguration ceremony is to have a significant celebration as the country installs its president’s choice. The problem this time around is that no one really believes that Biden is the true choice of the people.

In an effort to protect their fraudulent presidential choice, the Democrats have stoked the fires of descent well. They continue to push the hot buttons among the Republicans with the way they treat President Trump, and they expect for them to continue to take the abuse as they have for a full term.

Biden’s inauguration is lit up with military deployment and barricades that have essentially locked down the Washington D.C. frontier. In a fair election, there would be no need for such protection of one man. The minority would have accepted the outcome with an issue. Except there continues to be a lot of issues that remain unsolved.

The Army Times is reporting that Biden is deploying enough troops that the “National Guard inauguration deployment is twice as large as troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.” He has deployed the troops to use on Americans.

15,000 to 25,000 troops are being called to active duty to come and protect the basement president. It stands to reason that the Democrats no longer fear COVID-19 since they are cramming so many people into a small space.

In addition to the overkill of troop deployment, thirteen Metrorails will be shutdown. Amtrak has been told to close down its routes. And Every Airbnb in the area has told people that they cannot come because their reservations were canceled.

One source stated that “[A] special security zone went into effect around the White House, the Mall, the Capitol and other key parts of downtown. The security zone will be maintained through Inauguration Day. People entering the perimeter may be subject to security screening and may have to provide proof of their reason for visiting.”

Biden’s presidency is all set to oppress the American people. His personal slaves have seen to it to shut down every access point to the Washington area. All the parking garages will lose money because they will be closed. And every truck coming into the area will be inspected for bombs and other harmful items.

At this point, it would be better for a few people to gather in Biden’s basement and swear him in from that location. At least then people could get on with their lives. It is not enough that liberal terror attacks and COVID-19 destroyed businesses and homes, but now Biden’s inauguration is all set to do what the pandemic did to people. And that is to shut them all down.

The media’s attempt to hype up the capital ordeal is fueling the fires of trying to protect Biden. They continue to tell stories that over a million people, who are Republicans with guns, are headed to the capital to wage war on Biden and his soldiers. But so far, those are only rumors.

This is the kind of circus that the liberals need to strip the right to bear arms and the freedom of speech from being a right for all people. Biden is the protected puppet that says unity must happen while at the same time he calls Republicans racist for vocalizing their concerns over fairness and honesty.

Biden’s inauguration is set to be the biggest circus event of all time. A place where only the liberal elite are invited to come. His ceremony will soon be the backdrop to the socialist regime that he would love to see set up.

As long as Biden can barricade himself in the Oval Office, no one will be able to tell him what to do or how to do it. The only people he will have to fear are the seductive ones that seek the president’s power. Joe Biden is not a people’s president. He is the president of selfish intentions. His policies will define his greed and the support of the big money that placed him into office.