Donald Trump Steps up and Shows Support for Cuba When Biden Continues to Support the Dictator

Joe Biden is the biggest traitor that America has seen in the past century. American is the land of the free and welcomes all persecuted and hurting people seeking safety and security from the horrors of dictatorships worldwide. But the old President has sided with the communist dictator and rejected the asylum seekers flowing out of Cuba. But he is not a person who speaks for most Americans who want to help the Cuban people find freedom.

Donald Trump is the exact opposite of Joe Biden. He may be out of office, but there is no way he is done with America. He continues to follow what things are happening in the world and considers how they would affect America. And he engages people in things that need to happen.

Trump has only revealed how Biden’s incompetence and bumbling actions have taken America to a new low. Biden has refused to step in and support the Cuban people and their fight for freedom. He has instead supported the wicked dictator and seeks to keep the people subjected to his whims.

But Donald Trump has come out and supported the fantastic people fleeing the Cuban regime. They are ready for freedom and are hungry to have it. They are willing to brave the depths of the ocean to come to America. Biden has sought to turn them away while at the same time allowing drug dealers and human smugglers into the country, all in the name of asylum.

Trump noted that “The Biden Administration’s refusal to forcefully condemn Communism and the Cuban Communist Regime is a national travesty. The Biden Administration’s ludicrous suggestion that the Cubans are protesting government mismanagement—not brutal Communist oppression—is an insult to every Cuban patriot who has suffered, been imprisoned, or died in pursuit of freedom.”

Cuban Americans are demanding that Biden help their families from Cuba. But he has turned his back on American citizens. The very people that desire to see their Cuban families and neighbors find freedom. But Trump has sided with them and denounced the horrible actions of the Democratic Party.

His public statement was that “As President, I advanced a strategic vision in which the people of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua would be free, and that the Western Hemisphere would be the first fully free hemisphere in all of human history. The Biden Administration is squandering a historic opportunity to stand for freedom and human rights in our home region. The Biden Administration is betraying the freedom-loving people of Cuba. I fought for Cuba, they didn’t.”

Cubans living in America today know the horrors of what the Democrats are proposing and trying to instill in American politics. Socialism only leads to the horrors that many of them have left or are trying to flee.

The Democratic Party is not the same group that once support a free Cuba. But the new and traitorous party of Democrats would instead embrace Communism and sit back watch innocent people suffer and die at the hands of a murderous dictator.

Joe Biden is just the type of person that would sit back and watch people suffer on his television and not do anything about it. He is a disgrace to what his party once stood for. But now, they are more willing to embrace the dangerous teachings of their communist comrades that have infiltrated the liberals.

Donald Trump is willing to go out of his way and help the people that need it the most. He is the icon that keeps the Republican Party going strong. And he will be the voice of reason when the time comes for America to replace the nasty Democrats sitting in positions of power that they have betrayed. They no longer serve the people but their greedy desires.

Donald Trump agrees with Ron DeSantis and will look for any way to help the people. DeSantis has already demanded Biden provide free internet services but has declined to help. But that has not affected the plans to help the Cuban people. The Republican Party is the group of people who will support the Cuban people until they can declare their freedom.