Drama Queen Omar Finds Out Crime Doesn’t Pay During Election Year

Drama Queen Ilhan Omar is getting a taste of reality as she is nearing defeat by a first-time candidate that is tired of her reckless behavior and failure to represent people the way they need to be in the House.

Antone Melton-Meaux is the one that is raising more money that Omar and is the likely favorite going into the primaries. This is a wakeup call to all Democrats that would like to be too liberal in America.

Legal residents are tired of the lies and obvious padding of pockets with taxpayer cash. The “Democrats get out message” is being said loud and clear.

Omar may have popular endorsements, but that does not mean a thing when the voter shows up to vote. The little cheat has the support of losers such as Bernie Sanders and sadly, Nancy Pelosi.

Those two names mean nothing to the American landscape since all they have done is lied to people and fought about the security of the country. Their support for terrorists is landing them in hot water with their voting base.

Omar may pride herself on those two names, but it will be forgotten when she loses in the August primary.

Omar is living a queenish dream as her foundation erodes. Big names do not win elections. Securing the votes through a job well done provides the support needed to win at the voter box.

The competition is outraising her in the money category, which is a sign that he is more popular than she ever could hope to be.

Her methods of cheating on her family and destroying another to simply pad her pockets with cash will be her undoing. People do not want to pay for the retirement fund that she is building with her new adulterous husband Tim Mynett.

She pays his firm lots of cash to support her campaign. That money is hers to use at her desire since they are married.

So far Antone Melton-Meaux has brought in $3.2 million is just two months alone. Omar has only raised $500,000 for the same period. People are going to put their money behind people they believe will represent them responsibly in the House.

And Omar has just not delivered on her promises to change things for her district. Omar may think that being a Muslim will win her the seat again this year, but she is sadly mistaken.

That honeymoon is over. She stinks at politics and the people want her removed.

Omar has also been anti-Israel and pro-Muslim. She has denied history and made fun of those that have fought and suffered for this country.

Mike Erlandson who was once with the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party stated “there’s no question that the elevation of the race in the 5th Congressional District to a national race has clearly helped Omar, and Ellison before her, with the national fundraising base. But now we are seeing that it is also having an impact on a challenger. He’s a very strong candidate. He has a very compelling story, just as congresswoman has a very compelling story. I think that has brought people into his camp, in addition to a number of people not being too excited about their current congresswoman.”

Antone Melton-Meaux is receiving money from donors that love Israel. Omar has only shoved them in the ground as she praises Muslim terrorists as they have attacked and killed Jewish people around the world.

Antone Melton-Meaux has stated that Omar “lost the trust of the Jewish community by her insensitive and harmful tropes.” Omar would love to see a Muslim America. Her partnership with Socialist Democrats was the best way to see her dream come true. But President Trump stood in their way and shut them down.

The other members of the squad are also facing a tough time raising money. People just do not want to have what they are offering.

A weak America and destroyed military are not what the people want. They want a country that is strong and is on the road to greatness. They want an America that President Trump is building for them.