Eighth Bus of Illegals Arrives at Biden’s Home as a Gift from Greg Abbott

Vic Hinterlang/shutterstock.com

Joe Biden received another bus full of presents from Texas Governor Greg Abbott as a reminder that the southern border is still in peril. The president has abandoned American citizens living along the border as they are constantly under the threat of attack by illegals looking for handouts. Biden has refused to take action and develop a plan to secure the border. He is content to let illegals try and work their way into the country.

Abbott is fighting back and continues to work with Mexican leaders to secure the Texas border. One of the ways that he is fighting back is by sending a bus a day to Joe Biden’s front White House door full of illegals. Abbott has stated that every day that goes by without an effort to secure the border will mean more buses for Biden.

The president was the first to start bussing illegals around the country. The Texas governor has already delivered eight busloads of illegals for Biden to look after. He would send them into Republican regions while at the same time keeping them away from his own home.

The president never consulted state leaders regarding his bus plan. He placed the illegals on the bus and sent them northward. Once the illegals arrived at their location, they were let off the bus to find their way into society. The state leaders were left with providing for these people without any assistance from Biden.

Greg Abbott noted that “We will continue the busing process every single day for the reason that I think you mentioned earlier on. And that is the Biden administration has been dumping off these migrants by the hundreds in local communities that do not have the ability to take care or deal with.”

The president’s negligence to provide for the well-being of the illegals is typical of Democratic thinking. They believe that they can make decisions and have everyone else clean up the mess their decisions make along the way. But now, with Abbott giving gifts to the president, the liberal leader is getting a taste of his own medicine.

Biden should have never bussed illegals into regions that could not care for them. He placed a huge financial burden on communities that were left trying to deal with an influx of people that they were not prepared to handle.

Abbott also stated that “These migrants are being dropped off – and as opposed to them being there in these small communities or the small communities having to spend money dealing with it, we decided to bus them to Washington, D.C.”

Abbott is also thinking of sending the illegals to Biden’s home state of Delaware. Biden’s home state is one area that was left free of having to deal with the influx of illegals.

Abbott is relentless with his fight against Biden’s open border policy. The president had better wake up before his state and White House are full of people looking for housing and food. The illegal migration of people is Biden’s fault as he continues to promote a favorable approach to the southern border.

The bussing of illegals has also caught local media’s attention as they have the opportunity to film Biden receiving his beautiful presents. Nearly two dozen illegals made their way off the bus to help Biden celebrate their arrival. The insane president got to see real people from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Abbott’s logic behind the transportation of illegals to Biden is that the president will be able to meet their need better if they are closer to him. He has to invite them in for dinner and give them a room in his home while they await their trial for admittance into the country.

The drive to keep Americans safe is a formidable operation for any state to take on by itself. But Greg Abbott is determined to send the old man a message that he better do something quick unless he will be living with illegals as they continue to make their way to his home.