El Chapo’s Conviction Will Not be Overturned Despite His Whining…He’s a Mass Murderer And Nothing Less…But There Are Options

Octavio Hoyos/shutterstock.com
Octavio Hoyos/shutterstock.com

The Name El Chapo still sends shivers down most people’s spines. The man is responsible for thousands of deaths from drugs laced with deadly additives such as fentanyl, and he’s world-renowned for putting a bullet in the head of anyone who tried to stop him. For his own distinct pleasure if he was really upset with someone he’d personally torture them first.

Hailing from Mexico and currently residing in a U.S. prison cell, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman doesn’t think he’s getting a fair shake and he wants his rigged conviction overturned. Or at least to be extradited to his own country where he can grease some palms. His blood money is worthless to the stupid American’s.

Guzman, now 64, was sentenced to life in prison for his two decades of murder and ruthless mayhem here in the U.S. Not to worry. The incarcerated drug lord isn’t getting his way. A federal judge refused to overturn his conviction in a trial being closely observed by the international community.

Guzman claimed that Judge Brian Cogan allowed the jury in his 2019 trial to view faulty evidence that led to his conviction. The panel in the recent trial stated that Cogan had “conducted the three-month trial with diligence and fairness, after issuing a series of meticulously crafted pretrial rulings.”

Guzman’s lawyers claimed the 2019 trial had been tainted. They argued that some of the jurors Googled information about their client’s sex abuse allegations and that this was a separate matter not pertaining to the case. The sex allegations were prohibited from being brought up during the trial but they said that because the jury looked them up, they obviously must have had a negative sway on their decision.

Jeffrey Lichtman, one of Guzman’s lawyers who must have been hard up for work, said in reference to the 2019 verdict, “The decision seems like it was decided and written before the argument even occurred. How can there be justice when the jury was exposed to scurrilous claims against Mr. Guzman which were not part of the government’s case?” I mean, give the guy a break, will ya…

The appeals court didn’t buy it. They found that Cogan had specifically adhered to the law and “that the jury was not prejudiced by any extraneous information to which they might have been exposed. Any possible prejudice was harmless in view of the overwhelming evidence of Guzman’s guilt.”

Oddly enough, “El Chapo” was somewhat of a mythical character in Mexico. He was their Zorro in reverse. An elusive monster who lurked in the shadows. Twice, he had escaped from a high-security prison cell in Mexico. The first time he simply vanished. The second time was through an elaborate tunnel that led directly underneath his cell’s shower. 

Guzman was recaptured in 2017 and because the Mexicans couldn’t seem to hold on to him, they let him be the U.S.s problem. El Chapo was immediately placed in solitary confinement under increased 24/7 surveillance where he will continue to live out his remaining years at our expense.

The average cost of housing a high-security inmate rings the register at around $60,000. The average U.S. male life expectancy is 79. If Guzman reaches that age, his life will have been supported by taxpayers to the tune of $900,000. Almost a cool mil. 

On the other hand, a quick zap of high voltage running through his murderous butt compliments of old Sparky would be what? A couple of bucks, give or take? Just saying…