Employers Wrongly Canning Employees Over the Virus, Now There Are Riots

Millions of people have lost their jobs temporarily because of coronavirus. But when a person loses their job simply because the company sees an opportunity to slim the staff, then something must be done.

Janitors in California are finding out that they are deemed essential to fighting the virus but are seeing layoffs and pay cuts by the thousands. It appears that their bosses are using the virus as an excuse to cut them off and save money.

The janitors are fighting back as they march through the streets dressed in protective gear that resembles crooked criminals. The janitors are needed to clean areas and to make sure that there is nothing harmful left after people have used an area.

But when Service by Medallion reduced hours for their employees, the janitors started to riot. They took to the streets of San Francisco protesting the treatment that they were receiving.

The scene resembles a mob attack of the poor against the rich. As they attempt to overthrow their evil leaders. It did not occur to the janitors that their company reduced their hours to keep from firing them.

Many of the places that they cleaned were closing up which in turn means a reduction of income for cleaning companies. They protested at the same time when the stimulus package was rolled out. Claiming that the company was using the money for other means.

It may have never occurred to the cleaning crew that their company had not applied for the assistance. Obtaining a loan will take time. To keep from firing them, the company had to reduce hours until the financial assistance was received and ready for use.

The janitors saw their work say reduced to two days per week. For many that have completely lost their jobs, this is a slap in their face. At least they still have some kind of work to do and money to earn.

One disgruntled janitor representative stated that “These companies, these owners are getting bailouts, and our janitors, who are considered essential, are being left out in the cold. COVID-19 doesn’t understand that families have to pay the rent on the first of the month. COVID-19 doesn’t understand that I still have to feed my baby. If I’m an essential worker and our janitors are essential workers, treat us as such.”

These companies are getting money to use wisely to keep their people employed. But until that money shows up, there must be some kind of reduction made to keep people on the payroll.

They are crying about the same issues that millions without jobs are saying. Everyone gets it. There are bills to be paid. But crying about the problem and running down the street is not going to make a bad situation any better.

These people have put the lives of others in danger. San Francisco has a shelter in place order. They are not even to be out in the street unless it is absolutely necessary. Protesting their lack of hours is not deemed to be necessary. They need to stay home and stay healthy so when it comes time for them to go back to work, they can.

The company in question employs 150 people. They clean a lot of different businesses and structures around the city. But many of those places are closed and are no longer in need of their regular cleaning services.

For those janitors that did lose their jobs, they have been told that they will be brought back when they can once again be paid. They have even been told that they will be paid for a short amount of time.

What they are crying about is not getting what they want. They want to be the only ones in America that do not have to stop the way they are living. They don’t want to have to make the sacrifices that millions are having to make in wake of the coronavirus.

They are being selfish. In due time they will have their jobs back. After all, they have people helping them by extending rent payment due dates and even others going out of their ways to help them stay healthy by staying at home.