Equal Justice? Biden’s Fixers Impose Sanctions Against Witnesses Who Testified Against Hunter Biden

Andrii Telizhenko worked in the Ukrainian Embassy as a political officer in 2015 and 2016. Telizhenko sat down and spoke to the good folks over at the Gateway Pundit in December of 2018. He was trying to clear the air as far as the DNC-Russian collusion scandal was concerned. The Gateway Pundit was actually the first outlet to sit down and have an interview with him.

His meetings with DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa were discussed with the outlet back in 2016. Chalupa approached him during this time period and she had one primary concern. She wanted all of the dirt that she could find on Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort. The Ukrainian Embassy also worked very closely with Hillary Clinton.

Chalupa is a Hillary supporter, which should surprise no one. When she spoke to Andrii, she made her intentions clear. If there was no dirt to be provided on the Trump campaign, Andrii would be of very little use to her. Mueller did not want to hear the story that this man had to tell. It was not going to fit the narrative that he had established.

Once it came time to start the investigation, Andrii was left out completely. That’s what happens when you have facts that are sure to destroy the popular narrative that has been put into place. Everyone who was paying attention to what has gone down knows that this is a major scam. The truth was of no interest to Mueller.

He simply wanted to take Trump down and did not care how he did it. Andrii is now speaking out about the past experiences that he was subjected to. He is trying to tell his story, in hopes that he will remain safe. Payback time is here and the Democrats should be running scared. He’s giving statements and implicating all of the responsible parties.

While sanctions have already been imposed on Andrii for allegedly serving as a Russian agent, he is not going to accept these circumstances without a fight. Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden issued a lengthy statement renouncing Telizhenko on Monday. It’s filled with all of the same jargon that would expect. They want everyone to believe that they are protecting the nation from another Donald Trump campaign.

As for Andrii, he seems confident that the truth will come out. The following statement was provided to the Gateway Pundit: “The US treasury sanctioned me yesterday stating that I am connected to Russia and that I organized a meeting with Derkach and Americans and Giuliani which is all a total lie. I never worked or was and affiliated with Derkach or any of his people. And especially did not introduce him to the Mayor. If I was I would have never been used or questioned by the US Senate Senator Ron Johnson and Sen Grassley,” he said.

To add to his credibility, the Deputy Secretary of State even swore under oath that Telizhenko was not a Russian agent or Russian asset of any kind. In Andrii’s mind, he is only paying the price now because of the comments that he made about Chalupa. This is what happens when you are not willing to play ball with the Democrats.

They marshal all of their power and attempt to destroy those who do not go along with the program. This is exactly how the Democrats operate and it’s why so many people are ready to point out the obvious. They are becoming a party of Marxists right before our very eyes but they are too deluded to do anything about it.

Telizhenko is just the latest victim of their lies and nonsense. Now that payback time is upon them, they will do everything in their power to paint this man as a dangerous Russian spy. There is no reason to go along with this narrative. It is just their latest attempt at corrupting the narrative with their fake news.