Even Biden Doesn’t Like What America Has Become

What does it say when even the President of the United States of America doesn’t want to spend time in the country?

“I don’t want to go home,” Biden told the press.

Is it because he’s turned the country into a liberal stomping ground of riots and protests?

Is it because he’s slowly destroying the economy?

Is it because he’s allowed entirely too many migrants to enter the country illegally?

All of these could be reasons as to why he doesn’t want to return home. He will never go into the history books as being one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.

Yet, the reason he doesn’t want to go home is a simple one. He’s been gushing over the scenic views throughout the United Kingdom.

When President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden traveled to the UK, they met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie. They were given quite the tour of the country while in town for the G7 Summit.

While Biden was there, he also decided to return to some of his creepy ways. He ignored the Prime Minister’s offer of a handshake. Instead, he decided to greet Carrie Johnson first. Then, he turned to Johnson to make the comment that they both “married way above our station.”

Perhaps that was Biden’s way of acknowledging the 20+ year age gap between Boris and his wife. Either way, Johnson said that “I’m not going to disagree with the president on that” and went on to say that it would be “highly unlikely” that he would disagree on anything else.

Biden spent a lot of time expressing his appreciation for the beauty in England. He has also talked about his ancestral home of Ireland. During a virtual meeting with the Irish Prime Minister, Biden said he wished that his ancestors had remained in Ireland. He joked that he wondered why they ever left since the country is so beautiful.

While there are certainly beautiful aspects of Ireland, England, and all of Europe, the same can be said about America. After all, the country is known as America the beautiful. Perhaps Biden needs to spend more time in America, getting to know all that makes it beautiful.

Shouldn’t he be looking at the amber waves of grain? The purple mountain majesties?

If he were to remind himself of the beauty of the country he lives in and presides over, perhaps he’d remember his moderate roots and do something to protect the U.S.

Every action that Biden takes seems to be against the U.S. lately. He allows a migrant crisis to take over the southern border and he spends trillions of dollars to help those who are not even American citizens.

The Biden administration is also responsible for canceling the July 4 fireworks display over Mount Rushmore – one of the most American displays of beauty and history that could ever take place.

After listening to Biden’s commits ahead of the G7 summit as he gushed about England’s beauty, it seems that there’s an obvious answer to everything: Biden has fallen out of love with America. And perhaps he never really loved her. He wished that his ancestors never left Ireland. Had they never left, he’d never have been an American – and we would have ended up with a better president.

He might need to rethink what he says. Are we supposed to throw our support behind a president who doesn’t even want to be here? He has never gushed over the various beauties of America the way that he did while he was in the company of the British Prime Minister.

If Biden can’t fall back in love with the country that he’s leading, we’re all doomed.