Even Pence is Poking Fun at Biden’s Gaffes

Former Vice President Joe Biden has had a good run, being at the top or very near to it, throughout the entire race so far. However, we see his number in the polls beginning to drop. And while we could say it might have a little to do with his biggest contenders, it is more likely that it is a direct result of the many mistakes he has made in the race for the White House, thus far.

Some of his mistakes, like most liberal candidates, deal the flip-flopping on important campaign issues such as the legalization of marijuana, the criminal justice system, or gun control. However, most of them have been plain as day speech/memory errors.

These include things like mispronouncing names or saying the wrong ones, as well as incorrectly stating facts. The sheer number of these gaffes have started many to question not only his policies but also his mind and his age. And many have begun wondering if perhaps he ill or just too old to be doing this. Even once devout supporters are starting to waver and consider his opponents as their choice for the presidency.

But his mistakes have brought something else to the race as well.

A constant supply of jokes.

With so many gaffes, it’s hard not to poke fun at the man. I mean, some of the things he says are absolutely ridiculous, and it just makes you want to laugh.

Democrats and Republicans alike are pointing out these flaws. Some, like several talk show hosts, are somewhat expected. But now even those thought of being the most sincere and straight-laced, are finding the former VP’s gaffes hard to ignore.

Current Vice President of the United States Mike Pence is one of those.

Whereas Trump is known for his wit, his humor, and his go-get-‘em attitude, his would-be successor is known for precisely the opposite. Pence is ever calm, collected, well-spoken, and severe. He stands as the perfect complement and companion for our president.

However, he proved this week that he does have a humorous side after all.

On Friday at the House Republican retreat, Pence actually mocked Biden and his performance during the Democratic debate on Thursday. As usual, Biden had more than one gaffe during his time on air. And Pence made sure to take note.

Before I lost interest, I was trying to keep track of what was going on,” Pence began.

I heard my predecessor said – he was answering a question about his years in the White House – he said, ‘I’m the vice president of the United States.’”

And then continued, “So, let me be clear: I am the vice president of the United States of America.”

And the audience rightly laughed.

Now, while you might be caught off guard just a bit by Pence’s spot-on humor, it would be hard to ignore just how bizarre Biden’s statement was.

I mean he stated that he was still the VP. He said, “I’m.” Not “I was,” but “I’m, as in “I am.”

Let’s look at the context a bit.

The debate co-moderator Jorge Ramos had asked Biden whether or not he thought Obama had done the right thing when it came to deportations while he was in office. Biden replied, “The president (Obama) did the best thing that was able to done at the time.”

Ramos then asked, “How about you?”

To which Biden responded, “I’m the vice president of the United States.”

Not exactly an answer anyone was looking for. It not only does not answer the question, but it just isn’t factual.

However, that wasn’t the only mistake of the night, though another one was along the same lines, kind of.

Now, if Biden is still vice president than it can only be assumed that Barack Obama is president, correct? Wrong. According to Biden, presidential candidate and Biden’s opponent Senator Bernie Sanders is.

Yep, he said that too.

During an exchange with Sanders, he said, “The president – or my friend from Vermont…”

But that still wasn’t the end of his blunders.

He also said segregation could be solved by having children to listen to a “record player.” Again, we aren’t sure how this works, or who even listens to record players anymore. And, even more concerning, he stated, “nobody should be in jail for a non-violent crime.”

Really? You can’t make this stuff up.

Then again, Biden did. So maybe we should question his soundness of mind.