Evidence Found Shows That Obama Is Not the Person He Claims To Be

Drop of Light/shutterstock.com

The Democratic Party is a political group with dark and deadly secrets. Odd things happen to its members, and secret things they engage in can only be seen when the light shines. But many times, the unknown only comes to the surface when patriots are willing to dig into the file vault and find the things that they are involved with.

Barack Obama was one of those liberals who appeared to be honest on the outside, but he had some dark secrets deep down. John Greenewald Jr. is the one that operates The Black Vault. This website’s mission is to find and bring to the public’s mind the secret files that the federal government has finally declassified but never stated that they were available for public viewing.

Greenewald takes the time to request files that he can get legally because of the Freedom of Information Act. He takes those files and makes them available for people to read through. His latest investigation centered around Barack Obama and his involvement with UFOs and mysterious happenings while he was the president. The information that Greenewald received was a simple response that it would take 16 years for the government to gather all the documents together and send them to him.

The investigator would post on Twitter that “It took the wind right out of my sails of excitement.” the Freedom of Information Act forces the federal government to send select files to the one asking for them. But there is nothing in the law that makes the process quicker. And that is why Greenewald needs to have the help of Congress to get the files quicker.

Greenewald had thought he had the jackpot. It will take 16 years for the information to be gathered and provided for him to look at. The response reveals that Barack Obama had so many instances of interaction with UFOs and related items that it will take an entire decade and a half to gather all the material.

Greenewald was intrigued by the reply. Americans have the right to know what their elected officials are involved with. And people want to know what they are. The secret technologies and campaigns around the world are one thing. But seeing so many unidentified objects in the sky only screams that new technologies exist.

The Democratic Party denies everything. And even when the truth is staring at them in the face, they still try and find a way to lay them out of trouble. The top Democrats in Washington are masters at lying their way out of the corner. And when they cannot lie to save their souls, they resort to violence or blame-shifting.

The amount of material contained in the Obama library is mind-blowing. Information gatherers love this amount of content because they know that they will find fabulous finds tucked away in the paperwork.

The federal government has alluded to the point that new flying aircraft and other devices exist. The new technology on the horizon seems to be like nothing that people have seen today. Things in the night sky and even during daylight hours are being seen all over the country, and there is nothing that can explain them.

The Huffington Post reported that “The revelation comes amid an unprecedented series of disclosures about UFOs, or as the federal government now prefers to call them, UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).

Several videos leaked in 2017 to The New York Times and The Washington Post showed encounters with fast-moving objects, including one nicknamed ‘Tic Tac’ because of its resemblance to the candies. Unlike the candies, this object ― still unknown, at least publicly ― plunged from 60,000 feet to just 50 feet in a matter of seconds.”

The American people have a right to know what their leaders are up to. Barack Obama was president at a time when significant advances were made with technology. The request by Greenewald confirms that there are many things still left unaccountable with what the former president was involved with. And the Democrats have the majority of secrets that they cannot afford to let out.