Explosive! Biden’s Violent Riots in 40 US Cities Financed by China Aligned Marxist Group

Freedom Road Socialist Organization members are currently wreaking havoc in Minnesota. These communists have stepped forward, taking credit for the riots that have been bringing many cities in this country to a complete standstill.

The riots have spread to at least 40 states, so the organization would like to take this time to crow a bit.

This organization also supports the Communist Party of China, as well as murderous dictators like Stalin and Mao. They are looking to spread these protests far and wide. Over 1,500 businesses have been destroyed in Minneapolis alone. The riots have caused at least $1 billion in damages as well.

Why would anyone want this sort of carnage to continue? The American supporters of these communist parties need to be brought to justice immediately.

They may believe that they are the chosen ones who can help this country become its former self but that is an absolute lie. The conservatives who disagree with them are referred to as racists.

That’s where discourse is now. No one can have a differing opinion about anything. These shrill leftists are trying to turn everyone into their comrades but it is not going to work.

While they have created an echo chamber that suits them, it is not conducive to any sort of honest conversation about the current state of the world.

The organization’s tactics are being exposed but sadly, the rest of the world does not seem to care. They are content to live in a world where Joe Biden lies to them and tells them that everything is going to be all right. He can’t kiss the boo-boos away but he can offer up some woke talk to make people think he is on their side.

News flash: Biden is not here to help anyone but Joe Biden. We are the furthest thing from Democrat but watching the party turn into a celebrity cult has been interesting.

The same people who did not want to see Trump getting a chance were fine with Barack Obama’s inexperience. The same people who were all fire and brimstone about Trump’s foreign policy-related tactics ignore similar issues with Biden.

If Biden actually wanted his party to grow and improve, he would get out of the way and allow the younger members to have a chance. That’s not what this is about for him.

He and Obama want to team up to take down the big, bad orange man. Unfortunately for them, this is not an action movie or a buddy comedy about two plucky police officers.

Scratch that last analogy. We all know that the Democrats are way too busy engaging in performative cop hatred to allow this one to pass. They will ignore the organizations like this one, who claim to be carrying out their wishes.

That’s because they love paying lip service to leftist concerns. That does not stop them from believing what they are told because, at their core, leftists are a gullible sort.

When these groups are eventually captured and brought to justice, they will soon learn the error of their ways. America does not have the time to tolerate anyone who is living here and planning some form of revolution.

Once groups like this one are turned into an example, stories like this one are sure to become less commonplace. At the moment, we are seeing videos like this one far more often than we would like, which is unfortunate.

This is the reality of an election year. Both sides are trying their best to position themselves as the heroes that America needs. This mentality is being exacerbated by the pandemic, as well.

Everyone wants to be the one who helps America return to her former glory. It’s understandable but the groups who believe that we need to destroy before we can rebuild are doing far more harm than good. Too bad they are too myopic to see it that way.