Extreme Left, Extreme Right, What About a Party for the Middle?

The far left doesn’t want anything to do with their “moderate” party members. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of The Squad is all about socialism and the amazing benefits of giving our rights over to the government. Meanwhile, moderate Democrats are screaming that it’s progressives like AOC that cost the party so many seats.

Then, there’s the far right. We don’t hear about this as often because they’re not quite as entertaining as those on the far opposite side of the spectrum. These are the ones that believe in traditional, conservative approaches to the way in which the country is governed. However, there’s also racial supremacy and strong opposition to immigration.

With the extreme left and the extreme right in play, it’s hard to imagine Congress being able to agree on anything.

No wonder it’s so hard to head to the voting stations these days. It’s almost as if there’s no way to vote for one party or the other become of the extremes pulling on each end. To vote Democrat means that you’re okay with socialism. To vote Republican means that you’re okay with minority suppression.

Is there a solution? Is there a way to say that you believe in the Constitution and favor equal rights and also capitalism?

It might be time for a third party. It’s clear that the whole Democrat vs. Republican party system isn’t working.

No constitutional conservative can think about being a Democrat. Meanwhile, there are plenty of moderate Democrats who just can’t position themselves as a Republican if they want to fight for such things as immigration and equal rights.

Both parties have their faults – and in an effort to be able to agree on anything, it means having to give money over to the extreme aspects of the political line.

A perfect example is the amount of money given away in the stimulus bill. You know, the bill that was designed to help Americans overcome the pandemic. Yet, $10 million is being given to Pakistan for gender studies. How is it that we’re thinking about Pakistan right now? And why $10 million?

The list goes on, too. Money’s being sent to Sudan, Ukraine, Burma, Nepal, and Cambodia.

Why? Why? Why? The simplest answer is that there are such great divides in the political parties that it’s about giving to the special interest groups of some of the louder members of Congress.

You don’t want me to vote far-left on this issue? Well, then I want money for this. Done. Welcome to the 117th Congress. That’s what we can expect to happen for the next two years. And there’s absolutely no reason we should get excited about this.

This is the swamp – and there are members of both the Republican and Democratic Party running the swamp. It’s one of the reasons why so many Americans were excited about Donald Trump. They believed him when he promised to drain the swampy waters – and he accomplished quite a bit.

However, too many of the swamp monsters were circling the drain so they dug their claws in and fought back. It’s why some of the Republican “leaders” decided to turn their backs on Trump and deny that they saw any evidence of voter fraud.

Third parties have tried to get some kind of hold in American politics for decades. They can never get recognized. Sure, they have some decent grassroots campaigns. But it never goes far enough that they can even reach the stage to debate with the big dogs. Why else do you think Bernie Sanders finally abandoned the socialist party in favor of running with the Democratic National Convention?

If we’re ever going to drain the swamp once and for all, there’s the absolute need for a third party. It clears out the far left and the far right so that the moderates can do what’s best for the country – and keep out those like Pelosi and McConnell who are only in Congress for the benefit of themselves.