Fake News at It’s Worst! CNN Compares Capitol Riots to Millions Slaughtered During Rwandan Genocide

CNN has been known to break out some half-baked nonsense in their time but jeez! This batch of liberal hokum is particularly ridiculous. Anderson Cooper is the ringleader over there and this one is sure to make you laugh. The United States Capitol has been compared to the Rwandan genocide with the straightest of faces.

How can Cooper and this network live with themselves after essentially making a joke out of someone else’s plight? These are the same people who act as if they are the woke crowd but as soon as they can make an idiotic comparison, all of that goes out the window. Four Trump supporters died during these riots, in case the liberals were unaware.

In fact, the Trump supporter who was shot in cold blood still doesn’t have anything resembling justice. No arrests have been made and that’s all she wrote on that, we guess. At least that’s what the liberal networks have been telling us. “CNN’s Cooper compares Trump & his supporters on Jan. 6 to those that carried out genocides in Bosnia & Rwanda: “[W]e’ve seen it in Bosnia, we’ve seen it in Rwanda where radios were telling people – you know, Hutus were telling the radio listeners that the Tutsi are cockroaches…,” Curtis Houck shares.

We needed to see this and so do a lot of liberals. They care so deeply about the plight of others until they are forced to reckon with it up close. Americans as a whole do not appreciate how easy they have it. They are able to speak out about whatever their chosen cause may be and no one is able to silence them.

The only ones who are being silenced are conservatives but in a cruel slice of irony, they are too blind to see it. These are the same folks who always have their antennas up for any form of injustice but in their minds? It’s okay for conservatives to be silenced. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the mainstream media narratives is told that they need to shut up.

CNN is a huge part of this problem and they need to be taken to task for it. Candace Owens was not about to allow this insane comparison to go unnoticed, taking direct aim at the Democrat who is closely associated with this tragedy. “In case you missed it— CNN is now likening the Capitol riots to the Rwandan genocide. The “insurrection” in which only Trump supporters died is now the Rwandan genocide survived by Democrats. Make it make sense,” she tweeted.

Owens is one of the few who is able to call it like she sees it, without getting clipped on social media. Her account is one that we are keeping a close eye on. In our heart of hearts, we worry that she will be the next conservative to find themselves silenced entirely. The shackles of modern-day social media are tough to lift, that is for sure. People have to watch everything they say but only if they are right-wing.

The replies to Candace’s tweet said it all. Those who have paid attention over the past few years know how serious things are getting. The PC crowd is only going to become more and more unhinged if they are not put in check now. Someone with half a brain needs to head to CNN and let them know how wrong they are about all of this. We won’t hold our breath in the meantime but it sure would be nice.

The disrespect that is going on here is tough to fathom but it’s par for the liberal course. They do not care about anything but themselves and having the loudest, wrong take on everything that happens. In a world where truth-telling seems to be falling by the wayside, it is pretty sad to watch one of the world’s biggest news networks behave like a bunch of children.