Fauci In Trouble: Called ‘Power Drunk’ and ‘Out of Control’ in Blistering Televised Tirade


Well, things are looking for the home team (which, in our book, that’s the people that believe in the constitution). People are fed up and done with all the inconsistency and asinine commands that vary from day to day.

Will Cain, Fox News host, and liberal castigator demanded Fauci should be fired shortly after Fauci demanded that his co-worker, Jesse Watters get the boot. Cain claimed that Fauci is power-drunk and out of control On a recent episode of Fox & Friends.

Cain, Lawrence Jones, and Carley Shimkus took a walk down memory lane to look back at some of the recommendations Fauci has bestowed upon us in the last two years, during the pandemic.

Fauci made the suggestion that here in the United States we should consider a requirement to be vaccinated for domestic flights and we should be prepared to wear masks, forever. Cain said that for that reason alone, Fauci should be fired.

Shimkus joined the conversation saying, “So you have this sweeping vaccine mandate taking effect in New York City. Also on the Sunday shows, Dr. Fauci said he thinks that on flights people will be masked up forever. And also signaled his support for vaccine mandates in order to fly. No, this is a massive overreach and it starts small with things that seemingly make sense like 15 days to slow the spread. You have to mask up during the height of the pandemic and now children are being forced to get vaccinated. You have vaccine mandates for small businesses and possibly a vaccine mandate in order to fly. It is outrageous,” she added. “Because of the administration that we have, expect to see more mandates coming down the road.”

Jones then interjected saying the real objective has never been science, it’s all about control.

Cain has stated several times Fauci is power-drunk and out of control, however the longer we get to watch what seems like a reality show entitled the United States to total takedown.

It appears Fauci is no more in control of Infectious disease any more than Biden is in control of the United States of America.

It feels as though we would gain a lot more insight into the situation if we stop pointing the finger and start following the green paper trail. Cain continued by saying, we are not beholden to data, and when we look at the data, Omicron is overwhelmingly mild and doesn’t even compare to how the Delta variant ravaged the nation. He also said that Fauci doesn’t have the right to tell us that we must be vaccinated to fly. He’s confused and drunk on power and will push it much farther than he has authority to.

In the same segment, Jones said it’s just wrong to tell American citizens that they can’t provide for their families without receiving a vaccine, saying it’s a very slippery slope.

Shimkus and Cain agreed, it is the slope and we are sliding down it quickly. We have asked this question and will continue to until we’re all blue in the face. Why do people who receive vaccinated and drug tested citizens money not have to be tested or vaccinated? Food for thought…

It was two weeks, and then a mask, and then till thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then you had to have a vaccine to work. What’s next, will we be OK with being microchipped like dogs, the way Sweden is starting to do? Maybe we’ll submit to the mandatory “camps” the way Australia is going, or we’ll get on board with “offering” euthanasia as an option to COVID patients the way New Zealand now does?

Of course, we’re not anywhere near as persecuted like the Jews in Germany were, but it’s sad to think that while people live who remember Auschwitz and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, we’re once again allowing our freedoms to be taken away. Maybe it’s Fauci, maybe it’s Bill Gates, maybe it’s some big bad supervillain that we haven’t even met yet that we’re paving the way for.

But just remember, you can give or vote away your freedoms, you just can’t ever vote or take them back without bloodshed, one way or another.