Fears of Second Wave are Misplaced as New York Hospitals Tell a Different Story

The Democrats and their media supporters claim that the second wave of COVID-19 infections will kill over more people very soon. They claim that hospitals will be overwhelmed, and people will be left dying in the streets.

Their words are precisely what they stated back in March when people learned what the virus was about. But now it looks like they have lied again to the American people as their claims have not materialized.

Reports are coming in that claim the virus is making a comeback. There is no doubt that there will be flare-ups. But there is no reason to believe that it will ever be as bad as when it first came out.

Hospitals in New York are showing that the numbers the Democrats say are coming to the emergency rooms have not happened. Most of the people that have come in so far were sent home because they have just another version of the common cold. The virus is not as powerful because people are becoming immune, and new ways of treating it are being developed.

The president of Mount Sinai hospital is David Reich. He stated that “There is a much lower recent mortality rate.” This time of year, a lot of people get sick with many different things. It is part of living in the cold. To make claims that COVID-19 is going to dominate the winter months is to push fear and not interpret the facts correctly.

When COVID-19 first appeared, the goal was to flatten the curve. That part of the plan was realized. After the curve, it was expected that spikes would take place. But that does not mean March is going to happen all over again.

Fall is when the emergency rooms fill up with sick people with the flu and other viral infections. That does not mean that COVID-19 will dominate.

The numbers in New York prove that the Democrats are lying about a second wave. The city is not seeing the numbers that the liberals were hoping would show up. In fact, the numbers of showing that President Trump is right about the future of COVID-19 and that it will disappear very soon.

President Trump wanted the experts to learn as much as they could as quickly as possible. This knowledge would lead to effective treatments and the development of drugs that would help combat the virus and the symptoms that come along with it. The president’s methods of dealing with the outbreak have been victorious.

The nation still has an overstock of equipment that can be used to combat the virus. President Trump has revealed that the country has become the world supplier of much-needed equipment to nations that need help.

The truth is that people will not end up on the ventilator as much this time around because the methods of treatment have changed. They have become more effective.

Dr. Mitchell Katz, who heads the New York City’s public hospital system, revealed that “You would expect there would be a lot more in the way of hospitalizations and deaths and, happily, there are not.” He pointed out that in April, there were 900 critical patients. But now there are only nine in all of the city.

He also stated that “How can I call that a second wave?” Everyone knows the Democrats are lying. The fatal mistake of liberal leaders to believe their own lies is leading to their losing voter support. The general public is tired of the lies and is going to vote for the other guy.

2016 was the year that the country shouted they wanted a trustworthy president. They wanted someone that would stand up to the liberals and confront their lies with the truth. And that is precisely what they got in President Donald Trump.

That same group of voters who gave their support to a people’s president has grown in number to the point that liberals are joining conservatives to keep the liars out of office. No one wants what the Democrats have to offer, which includes more lies about things that are not that bad.