FEC Filings Show Republicans Have More Money than Democrats

As another month and another year loom on the horizon, financial reports from the past month are rolling in. And for the Republican National Committee, things couldn’t look better. According to the most recent FEC filings, the GOP has more than seven times as much cash on hand than their Democratic counterparts.

As Bloomberg reports, FEC filings show that the RNC has about $63 million in cash on hand. In comparison, the Democratic National Committee only has around $8.3 million, which is indeed seven times less than that of the Republicans.

In November, the RNC raised a total of $20.6 million. The DNC made just $8 million.

The importance of these numbers lies in the incredible timing of them. At a time when President Donald Trump should be expected to have much less support due to the constant threat of impeachment, he, in fact, has had the opposite given.

When the impeachment proceedings were first announced as a possibility, news of more than 600,000 new donors were reported for Donald Trump. And during the first 72 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the impeachment inquiry would officially begin in September, it was reported that over $15 million was raised for Trump. Then later, when the House Judiciary Committee adopted the articles of impeachment in early December, the RNC received over $10 million in small donations, according to Axios.

Obviously, the process of impeachment is meant to bring to light things that a person has done while being in office that they shouldn’t. It is intended to convey to the people, and lawmakers, that someone is no longer worthy or fit for the presidential office. As a result, it is assumed that public trust and support for that person will be lost or damaged to the point that there is absolutely no come back possible.

Yet, that is not what has happened with President Trump. In fact, I would say it has almost helped him. What seems to be the consensus is that people finally see the progressive left and their ruthlessness for what it is. They realize that truth is very often being forgotten. And for members of Congress, let’s just say it isn’t a good look.

And it’s not just Republicans who are noticing. Democrats are too. In fact, of those who have registered to attend Trump rallies throughout the last few months, just over a quarter are Democrats or Democrat-leaning independents. People are leaving the party en masse. And if the recent switch in parties of even congress members, things are not turning out so well for the left.

Axios also noted that another quarter of those who attend Trump rallies are those who typically don’t pay much attention to politics. They don’t usually even show up to vote. According to them, there has never been any real reason to, until now.

Now, they see something and someone worth fighting for. Democrats and low-propensity voters alike are noticing the good that Trump has done and continues to do. They see the record low unemployment rates, for all demographics. They count the extra dollars they get to take home each month due to recent tax cuts. They take note of increased security at our borders. And they are grateful.

So why wouldn’t they want that good fortune, the booming economy we currently have, to continue? Why would they want to trade that in for someone who promises to change everything and take away their freedoms?

Sure, those people are offering all sorts of free stuff. They will give you free housing, college-free tuition, and universal healthcare. But the price for those free things is that they get to choose where you live, where you go to school, what you learn, how you learn it, what kind of healthcare you receive, and who gets what types of treatments.

Essentially, your freedom will be gone. Whatever the government gives, they have complete control of. And should they decide to, they can take it away just as quickly as they give it, without reason or warning.

The American people don’t want that possibility. And these new financial RNC records prove that.

America wants Trump, not some pansy, with a lot of high ideas that will never amount to anything because their standards change with the wind depending on what will get them the most votes or the most power and money.