Federal Time for Those Continuing to Destroy Property? Great Idea, Herschel

Social justice warriors are tearing apart the country. They’ve listened to the Black Lives Matter organization spew their hate for too long. Liberals want to claim that every black person has a right to riot in the streets and demand more justice from the country.

There are plenty of black people who don’t believe in the Black Lives Matter organization. They want the rioting to stop. They want to unite the country. Herschel Walker, an NFL legend and black Republican, has been very outspoken on what’s happening around the country.

Walker has said that rioters should get federal time when they choose to destroy a city of the businesses of hard-working citizens. In a video he posted to Twitter, he said, “I’ve watched a lot of these beautiful cities being destroyed by people rioting and I saw all these local leaders that won’t step to the plate to protect their citizens or their citizens’ businesses.”

He went on to say that he will become a local leader in the sense of requesting a mandate that those arrested in riots when they’re not even from that city should not only be arrested but also receive federal time. He’s tired of seeing outsiders coming in to cause even more problems within cities.

Walker, a longtime friend of President Trump, agrees that the Democratic leaders, including both governors and mayors, are not doing anything to help the unrest. Further, the blame falls to the “radical left” for creating even more of the unrest that occurred throughout Labor Day weekend.

Trump called out Rochester, Brooklyn, and Portland for having bad nights over the weekend – and they’re all being run by the radical left. 11 people were arrested and three officers were injured in Rochester. Meanwhile, the secretary to Andrew Cuomo, the state’s governor, claims that the protest was peaceful. If 11 people were arrested and three police officers were injured, it’s not peaceful.

Portland experienced their 100th day of unrest since the demonstrations started back in May. And in Brooklyn, there were five people shot, including a six-year-old boy. The NYPD Chief of Detectives said the boy and his mother were getting out of a cab and were shot.

Again, though, the Dem leaders want to claim that the cities are protesting peacefully and that Trump is thriving on anarchy.

By listening to all of the radical Dems, it’s impossible to love the flag and have respect for the country while still believing in social justice. It’s either one or the other. It’s one of the reasons why they’re hell-bent in tearing the country apart. They’d rather rewrite history and destroy evidence that the country ever had racial roots. They don’t want to fix anything. They just want to destroy the country and start anew.

But that’s not what Herschel Walker wants. He is trying to explain that it’s possible to be a social justice warrior and love the United States. He explains, “Just because someone loves and respects the flag, our National Anthem, and our country doesn’t mean they don’t care about social justice. I care about all of those things, and so does Donald Trump.”

There’s a right and a wrong way to approach things. Tearing up a country doesn’t suddenly mean that every social injustice is solved. It requires everyone to listen and to learn about what has gone wrong. It requires everyone to be educated on right and wrong – and that’s what the left is failing to understand.

Right now, the liberals are quick to quote Martin Luther King Jr when he says that “a riot is the language of the unheard.” While true, Martin Luther King Jr is also condemning riots in that same speech. It’s typical Democratic nature, though – they hear what they want to hear.

However, more people are starting to listen to Herschel Walker. After all, if a black man can be friends with Trump and love his country, maybe the radical left is wrong.