Female Cyclists in Britain Say “No” to Trans-Cyclist

Ian Melvin/shutterstock.com

More and more trans athletes want to enter female sports competitions. There’s just one problem – trans athletes will almost always win. They have more testosterone in their body, even if they’ve been on hormone blockers for years. They have more strength, more endurance, and more muscle composition than biological females.

It’s why there’s been so much controversy about trans females in female sports. It’s not about trying to exclude someone – it’s about being fair.

The government wants to shove its nose into the issues to demand that trans athletes be able to compete. However, that’s not fair to the biological females who have worked for years to become the strongest and fastest in their sport.

Many biological females who are going up against trans females are getting blown out of the water. Their impeccable records are being torn apart by not only seconds but by entire minutes. And why? Because as much as a trans female identifies as a female, everything about their body and their capabilities still screams male.

The only way to right the wrongs is for biological females to stand up at sporting events and say “no.” The pushback has to come from the female athletes who don’t want to see trans athletes participate.

And in Britain, that’s exactly what female racers have decided to do.

The British National Omnium Championship last weekend was a women’s bike race. A biological male wanted to compete as a female. And the females said “no.” And, they threatened a boycott.

Emily Bridges, who used to compete under the birth name of Zach Bridges, was denied entry to the championship race. It would have been the first race since reportedly transitioning. However, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) along with British Cycling, deemed Bridges to be “ineligible” to compete.

Bridges told reporters that “I still have little clarity around their finding of my ineligibility under their regulations.”

This seems hard to believe, though. Surely, Bridges can understand why a biological male cannot compete in a sports competition that is dedicated to biological females.

Much of the confusion likely is because of the way liberals have decided that they want to redefine the definition of female. It is no longer a gender but a social construct. Simply “transitioning” doesn’t make you go from male to female. And the “transitioning” process can vary. In many instances, a person is considered female by the liberals as long as they have chosen to identify as such. For athletes, though, it should take more than a mental decision to change genders.

The organization that has banned Bridges has actually made it very clear that they cannot allow Bridges to compete. They look to “guarantee fair and meaningful competition that displays and rewards the fundamental values and meaning of the sport.”

When all of the biological females are boycotting to say that a biological male cannot compete, it’s clear that they cannot guarantee a fair and meaningful competition.

Further, Bridges still has registration as a male cyclist. As such, he cannot compete as a female cyclist until the other one has expired.

Of course, there are liberals who are crying that Bridges is being harassed and that the cycling organizations are being unfair.

Perhaps the answer is this. There are female competitions, male competitions, and trans competitions. That way, everything is fair. And if the trans athletes don’t like that, perhaps the whole reason they are competing is so that they can have an unfair advantage over biological females. It’s a sad thing to say, but the historical evidence already shows that this may be more accurate than the liberals want to admit to themselves.