Fitbit Pulling out of China Over Tariffs

Many people believed that the tariffs placed against China would be the end of the world. They believed that the president would have been the one that would destroy the country. But he is the one that has saved America and made it a great nation once again.

He has done this by being true to his word and by being honest with the people that he deals with. Each day that has gone by in his presidency has only shown that he cares about America. The tariffs placed on China were designed to get that rogue nation to deal fairly with American businesses and people or suffer the losses.

The Fitbit company has announced that it will be pulling its production out of China because of the tariffs. This is a two-fold blessing for the United States and Fitbit. China is going to start suffering major financial losses because companies are pulling out and returning jobs to the American people. Fitbit will enjoy growth and more money because they have come home. They will no longer have to pay tariffs on goods that they need to be shipped in and out of China.

Critics of the tariffs once claimed that America would suffer the greatest. But now they are eating their dumb words as companies are returning to the homeland which in turn boosts the economy of the United States and provides more jobs for people at home.

President Trump is a genius when it comes to business. He knew that major companies would begin to pull out of China when the tariffs were put in place. He knew that the Chinese government could not compete very long with the power of the United States.

Starting in January Fitbit products will not be labeled as “made in China.” The label “made in China” has a bad stigma when it comes to quality. Many consumers avoid items that are made in China because of the poor quality that comes out of the communist nation.

They would rather pay a little more for a product that is better made. Fitbit will find that their consumer base will continue to grow because they have pulled out of China.

Ron Kisling is the CFO of Fitbit, and he has stated that “In 2018, in response to the ongoing threat of tariffs, we began exploring potential alternatives to China. As a result of these explorations, we have made changes to our supply chain and manufacturing operations and have additional changes underway.”

Fitbit is engaging in smart business practices. They know how to change the economic climate. The tariffs changed things and Fitbit is meeting that challenge.

The trade war is taking its toll on China. This is a good thing as it is forcing the deceptive and cheating nation to deal fair with the American people. President Trump is tired of rogue nations taking advantage of the American people.

This has weakened the nation over time. One way to make the nation great again is to put America first. President Trump puts the country first and the people love him for it.

Fitbit wants to avoid raising prices. They are looking for ways to absorb the costs of the tariffs until they make their move out of the country. Fitbit is a smart company as they have seen the future and are planning to move with it.

More tariffs are on the way as China continues to play games with the White House. December is the month when things will start to get expensive for China. They have to get to the table and negotiate of they will continue to lose companies because of the higher prices.

The President is urging companies to move back to the United States. He knows that American based businesses will flourish better working from within rather than stretching out around the world.

China will continue to feel the pressure of losing money and jobs if they fail to listen to President Trump. He truly is making America great and so far there is nothing that is standing in his way.