Former ESPN Host Calls Trump-ers Maggots and Worse

The vilest of the liberals are beginning to sound more and more like the Nazis they claim the GOP is modeling themselves after. They’re so terrified of Trump being the president for another four years that they’re starting to speak of such things as genocide and exile for Trump supporters.

Keith Olbermann, a former ESPN host who thought he had a much larger liberal following than he really did, has decided to lash out. The host quit ESPN to work on his YouTube Channel. That was a bust – and his bitter resentment is now leading to him calling Trump supporters “maggots.”

Olbermann would love to be the liberal version of Sean Hannity. He wants to be able to converse with millions. And his jealousy of Hannity seems to be bubbling over as he calls for Hannity, and all of the enablers, supporters, and collaborators to be “prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.” Some of the names he includes are Mike Lee, William Barr, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Amy Comey Barrett.

It’s one thing to not agree with one side of the political spectrum. Fine. Clearly, Olbermann isn’t a fan of tax cuts and a strong economy. However, he has gone above and beyond any sane thought when he calls for every Trump supporter to be prosecuted, convicted, and removed from society.

He has said that the task is twofold as America prepares for the General Election. First, he wants to see that the “terrorist Trump” is not only defeated but also destroyed and devoured at the ballot box. Then, he wants to deal with the supporters.

What crime he plans on prosecuting and convicting Trump supporters of is anyone’s guess. Luckily, Olbermann is a washed-up media hack with not nearly as many followers as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ben Shapiro, or any of the other “maggots” that are supporting Trump and the GOP.

Olbermann believes that it’s necessary to convict the supporters and remove them from society so that it’s possible to “rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus.” Perhaps the former ESPN host needs to be reminded that the virus originated in China and that it has affected the entire world. No one knew how to deal with the virus – and many other countries have lost countless lives because of the pandemic, too.

Let’s be clear. Olbermann is talking about exile. He wants everyone brought up on charges, convicted, and then exiled from the United States simply because they chose to support the President of the United States of America – a man who was elected by the people.

To say that Olbermann isn’t a fan of Trump is putting it lightly. He has been prejudiced against him from the very beginning. From the moment that Trump was sworn in, Olbermann has been calling for impeachment. So, clearly, it’s not about the way that Trump handled the pandemic. It’s about personality.

There are dozens of things that the GOP tout about what Trump has done positively for the country. Prior to the pandemic, the economy was the strongest it’s been in years. The unemployment rate was low. People were happy because tax cuts were working to add more money into their pockets. Meanwhile, Democrats were furious because they weren’t able to exert their power. They haven’t been able to move the country closer toward socialism because the GOP won’t allow it.

Olbermann is the epitome of the liberal media. He’s operating on falsehoods that the pandemic would have been handled better if someone other than Trump were in power. If Hillary Clinton couldn’t even handle Benghazi effectively, there was no way that she could have handled the coronavirus.

Regardless of where a person stands politically, calling them a maggot and demanding that they be exiled is atrocious and inhumane. It’s no wonder that Olbermann is left without a job and a pathetic YouTube following.