France Braces for Revolution and Freedom Convoy


If you haven’t heard, there’s a little thing going on in Canada right now called the Freedom Convoy. Actually, it’s a rather massive thing, as some 418 or so semi-tractor trailers have formed a miles-long convoy to protest the overreaching and oppressive COVID-19 demands and mandates being made by their leftist backed government and its leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

And now, with the convoy having reached its destination in Ottawa, the seat of the nation’s power and Trudeau’s office, these trucks, and their drivers have basically performed a sit-in, parking their trucks all over the downtown area, blocking streets, and congesting the busy area to make their voices heard.

So far, Trudeau has only dug his heels, threatening severe punishment should the protest in Ottawa continue. But that hasn’t convinced the truckers to leave or give up their stance on the issues.

Part of this is because they have garnered support for their cause worldwide. Americans from all over have driven to our northern neighbor to give aid, and thousands more have sent money to feed them and ensure they have supplies to last them for however long this lasts.

Even citizens in European nations like France and Belgium have begun taking up the cause to support Canadian truckers while also making plans to form a Freedom Convoy of their own.

In fact, authorities in France and the Paris police have become so worried about a similar protest occurring in the city that they are making more than a few plans of their own.

According to the Daily Mail, police in the French capital have recently announced that there will be consequences if truckers make it to Paris and stage a protest. So far, prison, driving bans, a 4,500 Euro fine, and more have been threatened.

Authorities say that any trucker who enters the city to protest could face up to two years in prison, the loss of their driving privileges for up to three years, along with the above-mentioned and rather steep fine.

In addition, city officials have declared the protest to be an “undeclared mobilization” to get ahead of the situation and further discourage any gathering of trucks in the city. Police have noted that “There will be a special deployment… to prevent blockages of major roads, issue tickets and arrest those who infringe on this protest ban.”

But it’s not just this protest that has been banned.

For now, all “demonstrations” have been prohibited, again, in the hopes that it will discourage anyone from getting any bright or out-of-the-box ideas.

And if all that wasn’t enough, French President Emmanuel Macron has given the Paris police permission to use armored vehicles and tanks to ensure that truckers and their convoy can’t enter the city and supposedly cause any problems.

However, as of now, the French Freedom Convoy and the truckers making up the movement have made it clear that they have no intention of slowing down or diverting their cause to avoid problems in Paris. Onward they roll.

Similar action against such protests is also beginning in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. According to a tweet put out by Brussels Mayor Phillippe Close, “Means are being put in place to prevent the blocking of the Brussels-Capital Region.”

However, it’s doubtful that those “means” will have much of an effect on Freedom Convoy truckers there, either.

And why should it?

Citizens from each of these nations, along with those in Canada and the US, know that these mandates are overreaching. They know that they are just a form of control and oppression and one that should not be tolerated in free nations such as ours. Therefore, they will stand up and fight for their rights no matter what the federal government threatens.

Besides, their efforts are clearly making headway.

While Trudeau and his ilk have yet to give in to the people’s demands, other Canadian leaders have seen the wisdom in compromise and have begun to loosen their grip on COVID-related mandates. Provinces such as Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have all announced lifting some, if not all, restrictions. And for their wisdom, they have been rewarded with the end of such protests.

The people deserve a voice, and if our representatives in the capital won’t give us one, we have no choice but to speak louder and take action, which is exactly what these Freedom Convoys are doing.

Instead of making preparations for the worst, French leaders would do well to heed the example set by the provinces who have heard those voices and listened.