Golf Is Bad but Video Games Are Okay — Ahh, the Double Standard of Liberals

The outrage that the liberals had any time that Trump went golfing was always blown out of proportion. Their eyes would bulge and their veins would throb at the very idea that Trump was hitting the links instead of spending all of his time in the Oval Office.

Golf was bad.

Hey, but it’s a new administration. There’s a Democratic president in office, now. If President Joe Biden wants to take a few days off, he’s more than welcome to. The media won’t say anything.

In fact, if he wants to spend the weekend at Camp David playing Mario Kart, he’s welcome to do so. The media will spin it so that it looks like he’s bonding with his family instead of taking a break.

Golf isn’t an acceptable way to blow off steam when you’re the president. But, apparently, Mario Kart is.

Ahh, the double standard of the liberals really knows no bounds.

While the senators spent their weekend debating the impeachment of Donald Trump, Biden decided he wanted to get out of town.

He probably needed the break, too. After all, his hand must be exhausted from all of those executive orders he’s been signing.

Joe and Jill Biden invited the family to spend the weekend up at Camp David. Biden played Mario Kart with his granddaughter, Naomi Biden.

She was the one who posted the photo to Instagram – and it wasn’t long before every reporter in the U.S. had snagged the photo to talk about the weekend of R&R that the president was enjoying.

It’s funny, too, how much the granddaughter of the president is able to share on social media. Had that been anyone in Trump’s family, it would have been taken down.

It seems that Naomi tweeted that the Secret Service allowed him to drive (on Mario Kart) and that he was “a little rusty but he still won (barely).”

Oh, what a sweet story. It’s incredible how easily the press is able to spin anything they want.

Trump golfs to relax and he’s a bad president who isn’t bothering to keep up with legislation. Biden plays video games with his granddaughter and he’s this amazing guy who is taking a much-needed break from DC.

He hasn’t even been in the office for a month yet. But we need to remember that Biden is frail – both physically and mentally. Being president is hard. He’s got meetings and press conferences and a gigantic pile of executive orders to sign. He needs the break so that he doesn’t over-exert himself.

Biden decided that he needed to take off for Valentine’s Day weekend…which also ended up being President’s Day weekend. He told reporters that he was going to hang out with the family.

Naomi Biden tweeted a photo of Biden in a Camp David hat, saying that it was necessary to get some swag for the holiday since he’s “literally” the president.

Now, imagine if Eric or Ivanka or Donald, Jr had done this with Trump. The media would have destroyed them all. They would have said that President’s Day was to honor George Washington, not the current president. They would have skewered him on social media.

However, it was Naomi Biden doing the sharing. The 26-year-old Columbia law student may be his favorite of his seven grandchildren. She was named after his late daughter Naomi, who he lost in the early 1970s.

We have to remember that the standards have changed. The liberal media is going to support anything that the liberal administration does. Joe and Jill can break the rules – and apparently so can their granddaughter.

The hypocrisy in the air is thick. However, no one is planning to forget these double standards.

The next time a Republican goes into office, there will be plenty of trips to Camp David. And, if the media says anything negative, we have Naomi to thank for the photos of Joe enjoying a relaxing weekend.