Goodbye to Democratic Lies in the State of Florida

Ron DeSantis keeps on putting burrs under the saddles of the Democrats. Every time they try and push a nonsensical agenda item in the state of Florida, he is quick to overrule their ideas. Their latest attempt to redefine America through the critical race theory has led him to urge the Florida Board of Education to ban the dangerous doctrine from the state’s classrooms.

This past week was a critical blow to the hopes and dreams of all liberals hoping to force socialist theology on innocent children. Floridian children will learn America’s true history and what it means to love the country a citizen should.

The dangerous teachings of the critical race theory remove the patriotism that has once been a part of the classroom. They want the kids to be taught to hate America and not love the country that gives them the freedom to live without the threat of persecution or harm.

The school will be required to teach “factual” truth as legitimate historians tell it. The rules state very emphatically that “Instruction on the required topics must be factual and objective and may not suppress or distort significant historical events, such as the Holocaust, and may not define American history as something other than the creation of a new nation based largely on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

Liberals have tried for decades to deny key events ever happened, such as the Holocaust. Progressive House members verbally deny these events, and they would be the key supporters of the critical race theory. They would see that the teachers could not teach truth but rather the lies of the liberal left.

DeSantis urged the school board to make the right choice. During the meeting, there were over 30 people that spoke in favor of kicking the theory out of the schools. People were chanting, “Allow the teachers to tell the truth,” to support the critical race idea. But the disruption would not detour the board members from making the right choice for children in Florida.

The Democrats have proven that they are a very disruptive group of people. The board members took a break, and when they returned, they put the protestors to shame. The board voted unanimously to kick the dangerous teacher to the trash can where it belongs.

Ron DeSantis has been speaking out against the theory for over three months. He would highlight many critical points that were dangerous to the future of kids all over the state. He pointed out that “Teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.”

America stands as one of the very few nations in the world where people actually live free. Most other nations that claim that people are free usually cannot worship freely or speak out against injustices without suffering some persecution.

Florida is the fifth state to throw the idea in the trash. Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are the other four states that reject the lies being pushed by the Democrats. Many other states are set to follow. And at least 21 other states have passed some laws limiting what the left can dump into the minds of young people.

Donald Trump fought hard while he was in office to keep the poison of the liberals from being funded by taxpayer dollars. The idea of “white privilege” and teaching to hate America is communism in the making and is just another attempt by Biden to sell America to the Chinese.

The Democrats want to teach that America was founded on slavery instead of the fundamental freedom of all humans. They tell people that Americans fought the British so that they could keep their slaves. But the truth is that the British were fought because of the tyranny that they subjected the colonists to.

Great Britain had slaves right up until 1833. It was over five decades later that they did away with the evil of slavery. The Declaration of Independence lists many things that were at the heart of the Revolutionary War. It was not about slavery.