GOP Pushes In Favor Of No Lawsuits Against Businesses for COVID-19

In today’s society, people love to sue one another and sue businesses. They make it their way of life, and no one is really safe from getting sued especially businesses.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, America and the world have faced enough problems without the worry of getting sued while trying to get the economy back up and running again. Republicans are trying to make it harder for employees to sue business owners if the worker should fall ill. However, this does not include cases of negligence.

Democrats are trying to set up roadblocks every step of the way, and there is a heated battle over this topic in the House and Senate. Every move the GOP comes up with something to help out the American people, the Democrats have to come behind and find a way to shut them down.

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is fighting the GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as McConnell is working to protect business owners. Democrats want to spread fear to keep the country closed, while Conservatives are doing everything in their power to get this economy back up and running again.

The GOP and business owners are warning there could be a mass flood of litigations from customers and workers who may contract COVID-19. Plaintiff advocates are stating business owners are protected due to there is no proof that can be shown of how or where a person contracts the virus.

It is still a pain in the rear to have to stop and deal with a lawsuit. So McConnell introduced a bill that addresses this ongoing issue. Living in fear is not going to be tolerated, and it is clear to see who is fighting for working people who want to get back to their normal everyday lives. We can no longer endure another month of closed businesses and livelihoods lost to fear.

Did someone say “fear?” That’s when Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse stepped up and pushed back against McConnell. He told reporters, “The president is forcing workers back into unsafe plants, and Mitch McConnell is trying to slam the courthouse door on the workers who get hurt.”

Whitehouse, who is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, added, “A clear guidance on worker safety would give employers a strong standard of care defense in court and would keep people safer, so there weren’t lawsuits in the first place.” Uh, isn’t that what McConnell is clearly doing here?

Even though the Senate is ruled by Republicans, he still needs a small number of Democrats to jump on the bandwagon to get the ball moving. From there, it would go to Congress, which is even more difficult since Pelosi is biased and wants everything her way or the highway. As far as we all are concerned, she can take the highway!

The efforts are to build legal, safe harbors for business owners who are opening up and those who have remained open during the duration of the pandemic. They cannot afford to be wrongfully sued. Still, some selfish individuals do not care about the economy or the business owners.

Linda Lipsen, who heads the American Association for Justice, and is a nonprofit group which represents trial lawyers, stated, “If you wanted to write a bill that said that reasonable conduct would be protected because some of the proponents of immunity don’t seem to understand that, that would be something that we would have no problem with.”

Lipsen stated her group is not in favor of blanket protecting businesses but would need to review the bill from the GOP before giving any assessments. It is logical to consider, and they have every right.

At least they are willing to look at what is on the table. The Democrats refuse to do that. They rather criticize and put down rather than put Americans first.

McConnell told reporters, “Republicans are working on a narrowly crafted liability protection measure without offering details. It will not protect somebody from gross negligence.” In other words, an employee would have the right to sue if working conditions were hazardous.

It is sad to say, the Democrats would even argue with these thoughts. But then again, as bad as we all have witnessed it, the only fear we can have, which is legit, is the worst is yet to come with them. Democrats have argued invalid and irrelevant points just to waste valuable time. This will be no different.