GOP Warns: Vote for Trump or Get a Marxist Hellscape

They’re eating dog food in Venezuela. Some are eating rats. Others are eating trash. The people live in squalor. Opposition to the authoritarians in charge is gunned down in the street.

Over in China, dissenters from the party line are black bagged and disappeared. Typically forever. It doesn’t matter how powerful you think you are or how much money you have. Your billions won’t protect you. You have no rights.

In Cuba, the state reigns supreme. Religious faithful are persecuted and jailed. Private businesses are confiscated.

The common thread between these countries? Socialism.

Yes, the same socialism that Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the Democrats are trying to ram down America’s throat.

The Democrats are doing their darndest to position Old Sleepy Joe Biden as a moderate candidate. They’re trying their darndest to hide their radical socialist agenda from Middle America and not scare the daylights out of independents, moderates, suburban voters, and seniors who like their health care – all in all, basically any voter with a modicum of sanity who knows that socialism is a failed experiment.

But tamping down the radical left-wingers in the Democrat Party is akin to playing whack-a-mole. The crazy is bursting out at the seams. The Democrats can’t help themselves.

They cheer when Antifa burns down small businesses, spits on George Washington’s grave, and destroys historical statues that commemorate American heritage.

They cheer when the violent mob assaults seniors and innocent by-passers simply for being in the vicinity of their uncivil “protest.”

They cheer when AOC and Democrat leaders praise the Green New Deal and all of the energy jobs it would destroy in America’s heartland, banning fracking (and hamburgers, to boot).

They cheer when Bernie Sanders celebrates the sunny future under socialized medicine when the government decides who gets the care and when. What happens when the government decides it can confiscate one of your kidney’s against your wishes? It’s already happening in Xinjiang, China.

They cheer the flood of illegal immigrants over the U.S.-Mexico border and then reward these same illegals with free health care – while taxing hardworking Americans to death to pay for it.

They cheer on the opioid epidemic and the death of American manufacturing, which has decimated rural communities. The cheer that America’s population is being replaced by poor and uneducated immigrants from Central America who further strain the government safety nets but will remain dependent and under the thumb of the state and, therefore, under the Democrats’ control.

They cheer when God is removed from the classroom and the public square and when churches are forced to close but marijuana stores, strip clubs, and casinos remain open.

They cheer when children as young as five years old are told that boys are girls and girls are boys. They then cheer when the children’s’ parents give their kids hormone therapy because Little Johnny, who barely knows 500 words let alone his mathematical tables, wants to be Boy George and Little Susie, who used to be playing with dolls, is now performing gender reassignment surgery on her Barbie because that’s what the mentally unstable transvestite at Drag Queen Story Hour taught her.

They cheer when Americans are silenced or “canceled” for not just speaking their mind, but for stating plain and simple verifiable facts. The Democrats don’t believe in facts anymore, only their sick ideology that will stop at nothing to obtain power and ram through their radical Marxist agenda.

For the Democrats, it is not E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many, One”) or One Nation, Under God – but the promise of One Gulag Under Radical Socialism.

It’s almost like the Democrats don’t realize that everyone can hear them – but America is listening: what the Democrats are promising is a Marxist Hellhole.

Vote Trump or that’s what you’ll get.