Governor Newsom Proves He Hates Special Needs Kids with Latest Trick

Educational centers all across the country are anticipating their local plan to reopen their doors for learning this school year.

The conservative run states have put their plans into action with all of the children in mind. But, liberal states such as California are trying to open with only the strong and the healthy in mind.

Democratic leadership only cares about the strong and healthy. They would rather murder the elderly and babies rather than care for them. Governor Cuomo tried in New York to thin the elderly population by deliberately infecting them with COVID-19. And now it looks like Governor Newsom from California is trying to leave out the handicapped kids from being able to learn this coming fall.

Students with special needs have a lot of challenges that must be met to ensure that they have an education. COVID-19 has taken all of the previous provisions for them to learn away. Forcing a special needs child to learn under COVID-19 conditions is next to impossible. They require hands-on guidance and friendships to thrive.

The setback is a major deal for these kids. And having Newsom neglect special needs is a major slap in the face of parents and care providers throughout the state. The therapeutic services that are normally given to these kids are simply missing. Newsom is dragging them through the mud by not even recognizing them as people.

The dictator Newsom is forcing millions of kids to stay at home and sit in front of their computers to learn. Not only is this unhealthy for them, but it also keeps 600,000 students that need help out in the cold. The stone-hearted man simply wants to turn the state into a socialist’s playground.

To Newsom, these kids are just a nuisance. He acts like they do not even exist. The model of learning he introduced is geared for those that can learn through the computer.

Christy Ruiz is a mother of two special needs boys. She stated that Hart Unified School District had a plan to educate special needs kids before Newsom wrecked the plan.

She stated that “So when Newsom made his announcement, the first thing I thought was that Newsom didn’t get it. He’s very much out of touch with his constituents. I just thought that as a parent I’m listening to pediatricians, doctors; I’m doing my due diligence.”

Newsom is way out of touch with people. He sits in his glass throne ignoring the true issues that people face every day. Ruiz also pointed out that “When the pediatrician says this is the best, the healthiest thing for your child, I listen to that. They’re all saying that it’s imperative and essential to have my kids go back to school in person.”

Medical doctors are not making suggestions. They are telling people that their kids need interaction. Kids with speech issues have to see words pronounced to be able to learn how to talk. That kind of learning cannot happen through a screen.

Newsom is arrogant to think that he alone has all the answers. He is ignoring the advice and recommendations of professionals. His lack of concern and compassion is going to be his undoing.

He is relying on data that is proven fake as the results are tainted with bad test results. Ruiz also said that “If somebody asked me just from a standpoint of — are the special education services sufficient? The answer is blatantly no, in no way are they sufficient.”

Parents are having a hard time balancing earning a living and educating their children. When leaders fail to listen to the truth, they make huge mistakes.

COVID-19 is not going to be the plague that kills every child. Some will get sick like they do every year during the winter months. But it will not be the coronavirus that gets them.

Newsom has failed the people of California because he makes a decision on how he feels at the moment. There is no consistency in his actions. His decisions hurt people and it is time for the people to elect someone that can model the care and compassion that President Trump has for the nation.