Group in Mississippi is Suing to Have “In Satan We Trust” Printed on Their New State Flag…You Won’t Believe This One

These days it seems as though everyone wants their piece of the American pie, but only if it’s served up their way and baked to their exacting specifications. And if anyone else doesn’t care for their recipe, they’ll rub the pie in their faces until they do.

Every single individual and group in America these days is demanding our society accepts their ways of thinking no matter how much it goes against the grain of their values and/or morality.

Though America was not actually founded on Christianity, our forefathers were Christian so it made sense to use the moral foundation of the holy bible in determining what was considered right, and what was totally unacceptable. We still live by these ordained rules today, as we should. It’s the rock on which our nation stands.

Since our founding, other religious have found their ways into our society, and this okay. The writers of the constitution ensured religious freedom was extended to persons of all faiths. It’s one of the reasons they took the boat ride across the big pond in the first place.

Because of Christianity being the predominant practiced religion in the US, it was only right that certain things such as currency, state flags, and etc., be affixed with the words, “In God We Trust.” Because most of us do.

No religious group in America has ever argued the logic of the words. After all, every religion has a God, and the words don’t specify which God they are referring to. So it works. It always has. Until now…

Welcome to the year 2020 where everyone has something to complain and bitch about whether their argument is justified or not. And usually, it isn’t. Especially in the following case. Warning. This may anger you. Or, you might laugh. The choice is yours.

The state of Mississippi, under pressure, is redesigning its state flag. They’re ditching the Confederate symbol to maintain peace. Already unanimously approved, they are substituting the retired symbol with the words “In God We Trust.” We’re talking about the heart of America’s bible belt here.

But as is always the case, there is one group of people who aren’t having it. This group doesn’t trust in God like the majority of us do. As the polar opposite, Satan rules their underground world.

The Satan Temple of Mississippi has gone so far as threatening to sue their state over the non-inclusive words. In Satan they trust, and they’re deeply offended.

The attorney representing the Temple, Attorney General Lynn Fitch, before joining forces with the devil may care Satanists, sent a letter to the state commending them for the removal of Civil War symbols and reminders. Now he’s accepted a new and even more ludicrous challenge, so he sent a new and different letter this time.

The group stated that “removing one divisive symbol of exclusion only to replace it with a divisive phrase of exclusion does not eliminate exclusion, but rather moves it from one group to a collection of others.”

They say if the flag is going to make a reference to God, it should also reference Satan. Satanist’s follow the seven-tenants which they claim advocates compassion and respect for all.

The tenants, according to these real-life hellions, is much more in line with what Christians hold close to their hearts than the ten commandments will ever be. Really, ya’ll?

The rest of the letter read, “On the other hand, we can imagine that there would be some Mississippians who would be a bit put off by the words ‘In Satan We Trust’ on the state flag.”

“If you can imagine that, then you might imagine how atheists, Satanists, and other people of nontheistic faiths could feel excluded by the addition of ‘In God we Trust’ to the state flag.”

“We trust that you will take our request under advisement. However, should the state of Mississippi insist on placing this exclusionary religious phrase on its flag, we do intend to file suit and seek injunctive relief against this act.”

Where this will end up is anybody’s guess. It depends on how many liberals the Satanists can convince to stand by their side in the name of justice and equality. No doubt, they are certain to find a good number of easily convinced eggheads to hold signs and holler with them.

But as a reminder, this is in Mississippi where Satan worshipers don’t stand a snowball’s chance in ‘Hell’ of winning this thing. But won’t it be fun to watch? Get your popcorn ready.