Guns or Pot? Yes, You Have to Choose

Being American is all about getting what you want, right? Think again. There are laws, and the liberals want to pick and choose which ones they allow.

As for New York, they’ve fallen into a conundrum.

You can choose to have your guns or you can choose to have your recreational marijuana. It’s a one or the other decision, though.

The state of New York has recently legalized recreational marijuana. However, the gun laws surrounding marijuana have not changed.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits gun ownership for those in the possession of marijuana. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been legalized or not.

Essentially, if you’re in possession of marijuana, you’re considered an unlawful user of an abused substance. That’s right – New York just legalized a drug that is an abused substance. Yet, they’re not looking at how it will impact citizens. They’re only concerned with how it’s going to impact their tax revenue.

Background checks are still a requirement for purchasing a gun. If you’re smoking marijuana, you’d have to notify the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

There are not enough digital records to automatically establish the link. If a person has a medical marijuana card or they go into a dispensary to get some edibles, it doesn’t flag anything in a system that would be visible during a background check.

The only real way of knowing whether someone is a marijuana user is if they’re convicted of a marijuana-related crime.

New York clearly didn’t think any of this through. What happens when a person is a gun owner and is also high on marijuana? The liberals are so careful to make sure that people have their rights on the topics that are important to them. They have no problem with letting residents get high – yet they don’t want residents to be able to protect themselves.

It’s as if liberals have decided to set a booby trap for their residents. You can only pick one – guns or pot. But, if you do end up choosing both without telling the state, it could be just what the liberals want.

All it will take is for one stoned person to use their gun. They’ll kill themselves or they’ll kill someone else because of the psychotic properties in their pot’s THC. Then, the liberals will get to shout and point that guns are bad.

It couldn’t possibly be the drug that the federal government still says is illegal. It couldn’t possibly be a strong strain of THC that is habit-forming and capable of delivering delusions.

Nope, it will be the fault of the guns. It will give the liberals the soapbox that they need to push for the removal of all firearms.

Without committing other crimes beyond being a gun owner and marijuana, it is still a crime. The federal Gun Control Act supersedes the state’s legalization of marijuana. This means that a person could only be arrested for the illegal possession of a firearm. They would not be arrested for the possession of marijuana since it has been legalized by the state.

It’s all a sticky position to put the residents of New York in. By legalizing pot without taking away the Gun Control Act of 1968, it suddenly allows many gun owners to break the law. There is no statute of limitations. There’s no rule that says that a person owned the gun long before they came into possession of marijuana.

Now, it’s a wait and see how badly this situation will end. Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone’s going to get arrested. It should demonstrate why marijuana shouldn’t be legalized. Yet, New York is home to a lot of left-wing liberals. They’ll use it to fight about gun control and why all guns are bad, regardless of whether the person holding the gun is high as a kite or not.