Hard Drugs, Legalized…Coming to a City Near You

Marijuana has been labeled as the gateway drug for decades – and it’s one of the reasons why it continues to remain illegal on the federal level. Many states, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest, have legalized marijuana for recreational use – and they’ve been using it for years.

What happens once marijuana is legalized? It leads to absolutely no common sense.

Why should it be a crime for people to put harmful toxins in their bodies that can lead to addiction, delusions, and death? It’s a mystery…

It was bad enough that Democrats allowed the marijuana policies to be passed in cities and states – and now it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Forget marijuana, Washington, Oregon, and other states in the Pacific Northwest want to legalize all drugs.

Cocaine, meth, and other hard drugs are going to be just as legal as marijuana. It will make it easier for people to get their hands on the drugs, consume them, and be under their influence.

Fantastic legislation, isn’t it?

This isn’t a pipe fantasy, either. It’s real life.

Voters in Oregon have already chosen to decriminalize the personal use and possession of all drugs in November. 58% of voters were in support of this.

So much for the war on drugs – it looks as though Oregon has decided to let them win – and help celebrate their victory, too. Now, if you’re caught with less than a gram of heroin, it’s only a $100 ticket – the same for illegally parking around the city.

Aren’t we supposed to be getting better as a country, not worse? The addiction crisis is already at a breaking point – and we’re about to make it easier for people to get their hands on such drugs. Oh, and drug dealers are going to get a free ticket to make a living tax-free in the back alleys of cities around the country.

Well, it’s just the Pacific Northwest, right? Nope.

There are many young Democrats who believe that abandoning drug policies and allowing for the legal use of hard drugs is completely reasonable – and even life-saving. Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang are among them.

The drug culture has had a negative impact on a number of cities. It’s a financial drain because of the addiction, too. So why would we possibly want to legalize such a thing? Well, it prevents people from going to jail.

Forget about helping Americans. Let’s just keep them out of jail, even if they are high as a kite. Great plan, liberals, great plan.

As far as Seattle, there was no need for a vote. The prosecutors and attorneys have simply decided that they’re going to refuse to charge people with drug crimes. Why? Apparently criminalizing the addict doesn’t help their addiction. Neither does freely allowing them to do drugs, but apparently, that’s a moot point. And Democratic leaders wonder why cops are starting to retire all around the country. They’re tired of the liberal drama where criminals get to roam the streets, committing crimes without ever seeing any hard time.

Oh, and in Seattle where the City Council has already worked to defund the police, they’re also funding heroin injection sites. There’s now a comfortable space to get high within social service sites. Fox News reporter Jason Rantz suggests offering mood lighting and soothing soundtrack to make it easier for the heroin addicts to relax.

The liberals are too far gone. They’re perhaps using too much of the hard drugs themselves to see that funding heroin sites and legalizing hard drugs is the wrong path. Wouldn’t it be better to criminalize drug use so it serves as a deterrent while using funds to help with addiction recovery services? No. Drug use keeps people happy and that’s what the Dems are ultimately concerned with.

Decriminalizing drugs may as well legalize them – and the movement is rapidly spreading across the U.S. as many young and hopeful Democrats look to please the drug users as opposed to the clean, sober Americans of the country.