HBO’s Bill Maher Takes on ‘White Ignorance’ at MSNBC

By Kathy Hutchins/
By Kathy Hutchins/

Conservatives have to take their media heroes where they can get them. To say that it’s unpopular to be conservative in most of television would be the understatement of the week.

Be it cable news, television programming, or the glitz and glamor of the silver screen, most people we see on television, with the exception of a few overtly conservative news personalities and some of the more Christian programmers, want you to lean as hard and as fast left as possible.

So much so that most conservatives would agree that hearing good common sense emitting from the glowing box in their living room (or bedroom, or hand, or XM radio is downright shocking. It’s particularly shocking if it’s coming from talking about one of the most liberal networks in news, which it did recently, and from one of HBO’s most carefree hosts (so overall, a confusing experience).

In case you missed it, HBO’s Bill Maher went on a diatribe against the “woke” left on Friday’s edition of “Real-Time” where he called out MSNBC headline about Glenn Youngkin’s election in Virginia as proof of “white ignorance,” according to Newsbusters.

The program saw Maher discussing the jury challenges on racially sensitive issues, like that of the Ahmaud Arbery trial speaking to former PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley (who lost that job due to sexual harassment allegations.

Surprisingly Maher went for the jugular of the work brigade when he said, “I don’t trust any black people. Oh, I don’t trust any white people. It’s like a prison. You gotta join a tribe. I mean, that’s not – I don’t want America to go in that direction and I don’t think we are being led in the right direction by either side.”

Smiley indicated that isn’t a “black” thing when he said, “Yeah, but when you say we, that’s my only issue, let me push you ever so gently. What ‘we’ are you talking about? Black folk and brown people ain’t doing nothing to the larger white community.” Maher replied, “I said ‘we,’ the country.” Smiley doubled down, that “some of us are not engaged in that nonsense activity.”

Then Maher turned his attention to MSNBC and their treatment of the recent Virginia election: ” Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon,” Mehar quoted the headline “I don’t think that helps. I don’t think some of this – I’m an old-school liberal, I believe in a color-blind society, that’s not where woke is. There’s a lot of resegregation going on, there’s a lot of you are either a racist or you don’t know you’re a racist. So yes, there’s some we on the other side, too.”

Yes, Youngkin is white. Yes, white people have to have voted for him. Does that make it racist? By definition, anyone who said it was racist would have to themselves be racist. To prejudge someone due to the color of their skin or to assume you know something about them as a group and apply that to an individual that you don’t know yet.

Is Mehar right? Have we gotten to the point that in order to be free to tell the truth about reason and logic and racial problems you have to be on the network that allows every morally reprobate thing on television to be played?

Maybe Mehar is speaking the truth, and if so, we have to ask why we’re having to hear it from him? It seems that the mainstream has drug its viewers so far to the left that it’s only after the “normal people” have gone to sleep, dreaming of the wrongs done before their birth and the pain and suffering they sometimes didn’t even know they had suffered, that the gloves come off and the truth comes out.