Here’s why Biden will be Reduced to Ashes Come Election Day

As Joe Biden bumbles about the country spouting unintelligible gibberish, his fan base only prays no one will notice the severity of his mental impairment. Every time Bejing Joe loses sight of his teleprompter, which happens with too much regularity, he sounds like Charlie Brown’s mother.

Still, there is worry among Trump supporters that the liberal left doesn’t care what their dementia inflicted candidate does or says. Anything to beat Trump.

Then there are the polls. Who the pollster’s contact is beyond anyone’s knowledge, and what they report and don’t report is solely at their discretion. So let’s cut through all of the garbage and cut to the quick. Here’s why Trump will get reelected, and here’s why Joe Biden is just wasting campaign funds.

President Trump has delivered every promise he ever made. While he is rebuilding America properly, the Democrats have been stirring up social chaos and burning down buildings. But not to worry. Many Democrat voters have already kicked their party to the curb, much more in favor of restoring a once peaceful nation to the law and order country they at one time knew, and still love.

If you recall, in 1996 the media swore on their tainted reputations that Hillary Clinton had a 97% chance of brutally taking down her reality-star opponent. Well. We all know how things turned out, so why should 2020 be any different? The answer. It won’t be.

President Trump, during his first presidential campaign, revealed the corruption within the White House which had previously been hidden behind the scenes. There was complacency. There was a “good old boy” network of politicians whom Trump labeled as swamp creatures. He promised to harpoon the reptilian do-nothings, and he has.

Trump’s 1996 opponent, Hillary Clinton, certainly didn’t do the Democrats any favors by running. As was stated by a former national security official, Michael Anton,  “A Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.”

This time around the Dems have laughingly propped-up sleepy-head Joe Biden as the best candidate they could find. Is he even a worse choice than Hillary was? You be the judge.

Clinton had professed how she single-handily would raise the bar in terms of female equality and respect in every aspect. She suggested how women were downtrodden in America’s society. But what she only blew hot air about, Trump has done. Women’s economic standings have escalated far beyond where they have ever historically been, and they continue to do so.

Trump has also appointed more women to senior positions on his staff than ever before. Of course, the media has not been kind to these women, but what would one expect from the liberal naysayers who favor telling us what to think rather than allowing us to do it for ourselves?

Trump supporters do not welcome reprisals from the liberal left who frequently lambast them for their ideas and values, so they much prefer remaining the silent majority. They are reluctant to participate in phony polls, but they’ll silently voice their enthusiasm on election day. Don’t for one second think they won’t. It’ll be a landslide victory.

President Trump has taken regulatory red tape by the horns which have made it easier and more viable for businesses to surge ahead and create new job opportunities. Not just burger flipping opportunities either. He’s created real jobs for real people wishing to get ahead.

While Trump’s predecessor favored funding abortion medicine and took a staunch pro-choice stance, he has taken the opposite approach by siding with the Christian community in efforts to halt such atrocities against human nature and biblical principles.

President Trump has appointed judges who will not waver from enacting law and justice rather than making up the rules as they go. He has embraced young black leaders by appointing them to key roles within his administration where they’re voices can be appropriately heard.

It’s unfortunate how the only voices spitting their foul-mouthed negativity at the naive are the ones who are shouting the loudest. But have no fear. Their throats will become hoarse, and they’ll be scurrying home with their tails tucked on election day when the real patriots pull the levers in favor of keeping America great. Biden will go down in flames.