Hey Biden, Your Puppet Strings are Showing!

Biden says what people want to hear. He listens to the far left. He does the bidding for the lunatics. It seems that the former VP is more of a puppet than anything else. While he hides deep inside of his Delaware basement, he’s been trying to hide from his puppeteers.

Well, it turns out that Biden’s puppet strings have been showing long enough for voters to notice. A Michigan focus group that not only are they voting for Trump, but they also identified Biden as a puppet.

Many have been concerned about Biden’s mental capacity for a while. If he’s incapable of thinking on his own, someone has to do his thinking for him. The “deep state” cannot wait to sink their hands into him so that he can say and do what they want.

Michigan swing voters participated in an Axios focus group recently. Nine people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 but for Trump in 2016 were included within the group. Out of these nine swing voters, seven said that they would rather vote for Trump in the November election.

While this focus group isn’t anything scientific, it does provide a quick snapshot of what voters are thinking as they prepare for the general election in November.

The voters in the group said many of the same things that voters across the country have been thinking. He’s showing signs of dementia… He will probably be controlled by the deep state.

Another panelist felt the same way, saying that she doesn’t think that Biden will be running our country. Even if he does make it into the White House, it will be the vice president running the shots. He says that the “public people are telling him what to say.”

This makes a lot of sense, too. By looking back on Biden’s speeches over the past year, his puppet strings have been on display. He changes his mind regularly. What he said two years ago is no longer what he says now. He has changed his stance on virtually every major topic – and the sleeves voters unsure of where he stands on anything.

Let’s not forget that Biden also copied Sanders’ platform almost word for word. So, is a vote for Biden similar to a vote for Sanders? Probably not. However, is a vote for Biden similar to voting for Obama for a third-round? Definitely not. Biden is incapable of speaking anything that allows people to know where he stands.

He has spent the past year talking about things that he did with Obama or reciting similar plans as Sanders. How is it that a man who has been in politics for most of his life has no opinion for himself? Oh, that’s right – dementia.

One of the panelists within the focus group identified that she will vote for Biden because she believes it is the “lesser of two evils.” She wasn’t a fan of how Trump handled the coronavirus pandemic.

So, if Biden does make it into the White House, it will not be because of his amazing political platform or because people think that he is the most capable of running the country. Instead, it will be because people find him to be the “lesser of two evils.” However, it would be really great if we could meet this puppet master before having to cast a vote on the ballot in November.

Biden has been leading Trump by significant margins and quite a few of the battleground states, including not only Michigan but also Florida and North Carolina.

The real question that people have is who Biden’s going to be paired with. Will the VP be the puppet master or will the VP be yet another puppet for the puppet masters to control? Time will tell, but it may get to the point where the polls suddenly turn in Trump’s favor as people realize that they don’t even know who they’re getting if they vote for Biden.