Hillary Clinton Has Five Workers Pleading the Fifth in a Case Involving the Russian Hoax

Evan El-Amin/shutterstock.com

The fight for honesty and integrity continues to be a challenge for liberals caught being involved in illegal activities. The entire Clinton family has a cloud of distrust and dishonesty that hovers over them. And all of those that have been associated with them are also looked upon with a measure of scrutiny. But when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her involvement in shady practices, there is only one thing her people can do: keep their mouths shut.

Hillary Clinton has been linked to questionable behaviors involving Russia and the 2016 presidential campaign. And now that an official investigation is being done, all those involved are pleading with the Fifth Amendment and refusing to answer any questions related to the case.

Five people who worked with Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions related to the Russian Hoax issue. Their refusal to answer questions reveals that what is being investigated is a severe issue, and investigators are getting close to the truth. John H. Durham is the Special Counsel involved in the case.

Durham made a motion to get the truth to come out. In the case, Michael Sussmann is the defendant, and he is accused of withholding vital information and documents that hold the answers Durham is looking for. Sussmann claims that he cannot release the information because of attorney-client privileges.

Michael Sussman already lied to the FBI back in 2016. He was officially charged with lying to the FBI when he tried to pass off a fake accusation regarding Donald Trump and ties to Russia. He claimed that Trump and Russia had connections through Alfa Bank. His lie was that he tried to appear like a neutral party but was later found to have worked for Hillary Clinton. He was trying to smear Donald Trump’s name because he beat Clinton in the election.

The five people involved in the coverup refused to answer because their answers would serve to incriminate them and link them to the scandal. Newsbreak reported that Legal scholar Jonathon Turley stated, “[Durham] is now moving to give immunity to a key witness while revealing that the claims made by the Clinton campaign were viewed by the CIA as ‘not technically plausible’ and ‘user created.’ He also revealed that at least five of the former Clinton campaign contractors/researchers have invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to cooperate in fear that they might incriminate themselves in criminal conduct.”

Hillary Clinton knows that she has been discovered as a cheater and fraud as she ran against Trump in 2016. Somehow the old lady has managed to dodge and stretch out the investigation for years. She told everyone involved that they needed to keep their mouths shut.

Those that worked for her know full well that anyone who snitches on a Clinton will have ominous things happen to them in the future. Too many people have disappeared or died around the Clintons for any threat to be a coincidence.

Newsbreak also pointed out that Turley stated the Durham filing “also detailed how the false Russian collusion claims related to Alfa Bank involved Clinton General Counsel Marc Elias and Christopher Steele.”

Marc Elias is an election attorney that works for the Democrats. He is the one that forced the vote-by-mail option in the highly contested states where it appeared Joe Biden was cheating as multiple ballots were being counted in his favor. Throw in the nasty media, and the perfect coverup lies for cheating at an election.

The Democratic Party will stop at nothing to keep itself in power. 2016 and 2020 proved to be election years full of fake stories and questionable practices. Hillary Clinton tried to link Donald Trump to Russia fraudulently, and just four years later, Joe Biden would try to steal an election through fraudulent means. Democrats are many people who cannot be trusted with the future of America. They lie, cheat, and steal for their purposes, and they certainly do not care about anyone else.