Homeland Security Confirms All Hunter Material Provided by Bobulinski Have Been Verified

Here’s the news that we have all been waiting for. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has taken the time to review all of the materials that have been submitted regarding Hunter Biden. We are specifically referring to the materials submitted by Tony Bobulinksi.

As a former associate of the Biden family, he’s got the sort of inside information that is sure to give them serious pause. Tony Bobulinski joined Tucker Carlson for a recent interview and the hourlong sit-down was filled with all sorts of information. Carlson wanted to know how the man had managed to fall into the Biden family orbit.

Bobulinkski even outlined how he had met up with Joe and Jim Biden to discuss the Chinese business interests that they were involved in. The Biden family has been compromised by China for years. Now, someone is finally willing to go on the record and confirm it. This is not the only foreign region where the Bidens have been doing business.

They also have a number of dealings throughout the European continent. Did the fake news media see fit to cover all of this? Of course not. Anything that makes Biden and his cronies look bad cannot be reported on. That type of reporting is saved for all things Trump. You’d think a report like this one would have been all over the television news stations and the newspapers.

As with anything that does not make Biden look great, it is neglected and swept under the rug. “SCOOP: @DailyCaller has learned that The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has SUCCESSFULLY verified all materials reviewed so far from Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski. Read more here,” tweeted Henry Rodgers.

Therein lies the problem. These reporters are doing all they can to expose the Biden corruption but there is still more for us to read. We are not being told everything and that is beyond obvious. Ron Johnson, the Committee Chairman, is not even going to bother to call this man to provide sworn testimony. They all want Biden to win and they do not care how badly they have to cheat the system to make that happen.

Until we can find out more, we are all fumbling in the dark, looking for the truth. A revelation this serious should be taken to the highest authorities. How can a president be chosen under these circumstances? Biden may think that he is in the clear because no one seems interested in doing anything about this right now. What happens if someone’s tune changes eventually, though?

Let’s say that Biden is able to win. No one is saying it’s a certainty but for the purposes of this conversation, we will say that he does. What happens when someone does not get what they want out of him? The same people who are ready to protect him now are not going to be as thrilled later on and that’s the truth.

Biden may be writing out a few too many IOUs right now for all of this protection. No one seems to know what he is going to do when that bill finally comes due but one thing is for sure: it’s not going to be pretty for America. That’s why everyone needs to make sure that he is not voted into office this year. We will be in for a world of hurt if we allow this to happen on our watch.

No one wants a president who is already in cahoots with all sorts of foreign power. After spending four years complaining about Trump, the Democrats are now going to turn around and crown a guy who has way more concerns than he ever did. We just wish that the numerous organizations that are supposed to handle these types of issues were given the chance to do their job.