How Are Businesses Doing? Well, CVS is Closing 900 Locations

By Eric Glenn/
By Eric Glenn/

If we were to listen to everything out of the White House, businesses are booming, and inflation is completely under control. However, that’s not really the truth. Each and every day, we see businesses struggling because of staffing issues, supply chain issues, and even vaccination mandate issues.

Staffing issues are thanks to the Biden administration’s desire to continue unemployment benefits far too long.

Supply chain issues are thanks to the Biden administration’s desire to keep everything in lockdown far longer than needed.

Oh, and vaccination mandates are because the Biden administration has control issues.

Businesses of all sizes are suffering to the point that they are forced to close down.

CVS Health is considered to be a “big box” chain because they have over 9,000 locations spread out across the United States. And, they are a well-established chain since they’ve been around since 1963. They have even been active throughout COVID with offering COVID testing and COVID vaccines.

Yet, if the economy is doing as well as Biden tells us, why is it that CVS is closing 900 locations? Businesses that are thriving don’t voluntarily close that many stores. Instead, it’s a flashing red light to show that the company is floundering. It’s also a flashing red light to tell us that the economy is in danger, in case we didn’t already know that.

WHDH out of Massachusetts reported that the company has been evaluating shifts in consumer buying patterns, population, and future health. As a result, they will be closing approximately 300 stores every year for the next three years. The article also explained that “CVS added that they are committed to offering impacted colleagues roles in other locations or different opportunities as part of its overall workforce strategy.”

CVS Health will also be working to create new store formats in an effort to “drive higher engagement with consumers.” This includes creating community health destinations. Great, we have to rely on glorified convenience stores to offer health services since the Biden administration can’t seem to do it. Or, perhaps, this is part of the “infrastructure” that they want to spend billions on. We’ll have to remember to look to see if there’s a CVS bailout line item.

Another reason why CVS is having to close locations is because of the shift to buy online. And, not everyone is shifting to shopping on the CVS website. Some are switching to other companies that can simply offer faster shipping, such as Amazon.

GlobalData Managing Director Neil Saunders also hits home with a bit of truth about the retailer. They neglected their retail business and some of the locations were in a “downward spiral of irrelevance.” He went on to point out that “too many stores are stuck in the past with bad lighting, depressing interiors, messy merchandising, and a weak assortment of products.”

CVS is doing what they can to survive. And, unfortunately, they’re only one name on a long list of companies that are looking to close locations and change the way they engage with consumers so that they can live to see another day. If they can’t figure out how to change with the times and adapt to what’s going on in Biden’s America, the brand will simply fade away with the other box stores that became irrelevant over the years.