Ilhan Omar Shows Her True Loyalties as She Praises Israel’s Attackers

Israel is an ally of the United States, which means they deserve every person who resides within the borders of the country. But every time they need help, the liberals look the other way and secretly support the ones attacking the tiny nation. The Democrats are known haters of Israel, and they will never show any kind of support that they need when attacked by their enemies.

Hamas is one of the enemies that Israel has to deal with. And they are one of the terrorist groups that the Democratic Party overlooks. Joe Biden and others believe that Hamas is some kind of nation that is displaced and has every right to take back what they perceive as their homeland.

But the issue is that Israel is the rightful owner of the land. They stand as a beacon of freedom in a part of the world that radical Islam primarily terrorizes. The Muslim nations hate the fact that there is a free country existing in territory that they believe is their land.

Hamas took the time they needed to rearm while acting friendly with Israel. Tons of rockets were aimed at Jewish adults and children to kill civilians. Hamas seeks to justify its actions by claiming that Israel has no right to evict Palestinians from their homes.

But Israel has every right since these terrorist supporters are living within Israeli lands.

Hamas seeks to use any excuse to justify their evil. They want to kill Jewish people and eradicate the nation from the face of the earth. Their justification of their actions is based on a false premise since their rockets have the chance of killing their people. The facts prove that they do not care about life, just like the Democrats.

The Democrats should have denounced Hamas’ actions and thrown all of their support behind the Jewish nation. But that is not what the liberals did. Led by Ilhan Omar, the liberals took their support and gave it to Hamas. The short little liberal gave support to her terrorist brothers instead of standing up with American allies.

Omar spoke out against Israel and stated that they should have never defended themselves or their people from the rocket attacks. Terrorist Omar never condemned Hamas for starting the fight. All she did was tell Israel that they needed to let Hamas kill them one by one.

Ilhan Omar has crossed a line that many Democrats and all Republicans cannot cross. Her anti-American thrust and support of Muslim terrorists have marked her out as a radical-looking to destroy the markers that define freedom.

Ever since Joe Biden took office, the United States and Israel enemies have become bolder than they ever were under Donald Trump. The people in Israel lived in peace for an entire term because he supported Israel, and the terrorists did not dare attack because they knew they feel the boom of the American military.

Donald Trump was a man of peace. Joe Biden is a man of war. He attracts conflict because he is a weak presence. But Trump knew how to deal with wicked nations. They only know the threat of force. And when a man sits in the Oval Office that will act, the terrorists will sit peacefully until a Democrat gets into the office.

The Republicans are angry with Omar and her blatant disregard for Israel. One such man is Ted Cruz from Texas. He took a moment to ask two fundamental questions. The questions he asked were pointed and directed at Omar and Biden.

He stated, “Why is a Member of Congress acting as the press secretary for Hamas? Does Biden agree?” These two questions dig into these two liberals and expose their hatred for the Jewish people.

There has never been a Democrat that has called out Ilhan Omar for hatred of the Jewish people. They have instead put her in a position that can hurt the Jewish people. She was put on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a position of power on the committee. She should have been sent packing for her hatred of innocent people because they are different from her. And the Democrats claim not to be a racist party.