Impeachment is Hardly the Unity that the Dems Have Promised

Unity. That’s what Joe Biden promised us throughout his presidential platform. He told every American that he was capable of helping the country to heal. How is he going to manage that, though, when his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill are calling for the impeachment?

The president has less than two weeks left in office. Is impeachment really the answer?

If you ask any Democrat in the House or Senate, it’s not just about getting him out of the office a few days early. It’s also about preventing him from ever running for office ever again.

David Leonhardt wrote a politically charged piece for the New York Times, identifying that disqualifying Trump could “alter the future of American politics.”  That is true – and for a number of reasons.

Banning someone from future office is essentially allowing one party to win over another. The Democrats fear Trump because he has proven to be unlike any other president. He has flipped politics on its head. While some of his methods were questionable, he’s succeeded in doing what he promised – exposing fraud.

The Democrats are eager to block him from holding office because they believe that he’s capable of winning the presidency in 2024. He is popular with some of the Republican voters because he’s not afraid to change things up. He’s not afraid to point the finger when he believes that there are nefarious forces at work.

Was there voter fraud? We may never know because social media shut down any discussion of it. Congress wouldn’t speak of it because they thought that it was uncalled for. Meanwhile, there is the belief that the Democrats did a really good job of hiding the fact that they cheated.

Trump is popular. That remains to be a simple fact whether he is impeached or not. People love him because of his blatant honesty and his inability to sit quietly when the world is seemingly against him.

Although Trump has rejected some of the aspects of American democracy, is banning him to ever lead the country again the way to bring about peace? It can’t possibly be.

It wasn’t that long ago that Meghan McCain warned the media about alienating Trump supporters. 74 million people voted for Trump. Biden just happened to win the popular vote by 7 million more. That’s only a 4 percent lead – it’s hardly considered a landslide.

Trump supporters are out there. While they’re not all as loud as those that stormed the Capitol Building, they’re still out there. It’s what Pence referred to as the silent majority. If the Democrats in Washington DC move to impeach and ban Trump from taking office again, they’re alienating a significant amount of the American population.

It’s no longer just a Republican versus Democrat thing here, either. There were Republicans who voted for Biden and there were Democrats who voted for Trump. It’s all about looking at what the country needs. Do we need a career politician or do we need someone who is ready to call out fraud continuously until it is sufficiently investigated?

The very threads of our democracy hinge on how Congress is going to handle Trump.

Bringing everyone together at this point seems like an impossible feat. The country is too divided. The Democrats claim that Trump is insane while Trump supporters question whether the Democrats are even trustworthy at this point.

Representative Jeff Van Drew, a congressman out of New Jersey, has made the call to stop impeachment as a way to heal the country. Van Drew was a lifelong Democrat and only switched to the Republican Party in 2019. He’s proof that political views can change. He’s proof that the Democratic Party may not have all the answers.

There’s the feeling of deceit and hostility in the air.

Impeachment is up to Congress. Biden has taken the very weak standing that he’s not going to get involved. That’s our president-elect, ladies, and gentlemen. The man that called for unity and promised that he was going to heal the country doesn’t have an opinion. He won’t get involved.