Inclusivity Means Comparing Trump to Hitler

The liberals can’t seem to stop contradicting themselves. Either that or they truly have no understanding of ‘inclusivity.’

Inclusivity means that everyone is covered. It’s not limited to certain people. The liberals can’t pick and choose who it’s going to cover – it covers everyone or no one.

Try telling that to the new “Diversity and Inclusion” Officer, hired by the Department of Defense.

Richard Torres-Estrada was announced as the chief of the Diversity & Inclusion Unit. This unit is the newest push by the Pentagon to focus on diversity throughout the ranks and within the chain of command.

USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command) made the announcement of Torres-Estrada, saying that they look forward to enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of Special Operations Forces. Then, just for added contradiction, they add the hashtag #QuietProfessionals.

Do they really think that Torres-Estrada is a quiet professional? Just last year, he posted on Facebook comparing President Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler.

How is it that someone as politically charged as Torres-Estrada is able to get the job heading the unit of diversity and inclusion? It seems as though the Pentagon is looking to go through the motions by appointing a person to oversee the unit without giving it any real thought as to who that person might be.

Who cares if the person doesn’t care about inclusivity? Who cares if the person has shown that they’re an ultra-liberal and therefore not capable of looking at diversity for all that it is worth?

When you think about diversity and inclusivity in the military, you think about the opposite of “an average military soldier.” You think about someone who is female, or homosexual, or both.

It’s unlikely that a Hispanic male will have the ability to offer anything truly effective to the unit.

Plus, he’s in the habit of spreading lies on Facebook.

The image that Torres-Estrada shared in June 2020 showed Trump holding a bible outside of a church that had been vandalized. Next to it was a photo of Hitler holding a bible – though the second photo had been doctored.

False images anyone?

Creating drama anyone?

It’s hard to maintain that you’re inclusive when you’re comparing a president who received tens of millions of votes in the last election to a Nazi. Trump and Hitler couldn’t be more polar opposites. To say otherwise is to have a complete lack of understanding of world history.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on making sure that Republicans and Democrats alike feel as though they’re being included. How is that possible when the very person overseeing the unit has made sure to exclude Trump supporters before he’s even taken office?

Is Torres-Estrada even qualified for such a position? Supposedly…

Regardless of the fact that he’s not too big on inclusivity, he’s held diversity positions across multiple government agencies, including “Equal Employment Opportunity Officer” for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority.

How an EEO officer of a transit authority now allows you to be the person who oversees the hiring of Navy Seals and more is mind-boggling. However, that’s what happens when the liberals are in charge.

They want to prove that they’re doing their best to cater to the needs of other liberals. They’re not actually interested in being fair to everyone. They certainly don’t care about making Trump supporters welcome.

And when they suddenly get a bunch of snowflakes being recruited and the military becomes a softer, gentler community, they’ll wonder what happened.

It’s already happening. The Department of Defense is making so many changes that it’s allowing the military to become an equal opportunity employer. Anyone and everyone can join. Can’t pass a fitness test, that’s okay. Can’t lift an equipment sack? No problem.

Who needs a strong, tough military anyway? Biden’s certainly not interested in helping us to be all that we can be.