India Listens to Trump, Falls in Line to Let Malaria Drugs into Country

So many different people have banned the anti-malarial drugs from their borders in ignorance. President Trump repeatedly said that there appears to be hope with the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Many studies are coming out and proving his statements to be true. President Trump has had to go after those leaders and people that refuse the possibility of help for their people. In the case of India, President Trump had to warn them of retaliation if they refused to help their people with this drug.

It only took hours for India to wise up and lift the ban on the export of the drug. Many are coming to believe that the drug is a cure and can be used as a preventative in the fight against the illness.

President Trump has stated that the drug is “one of the biggest game-changers in the history of medicine.” It is used to treat a whole range of ailments that people struggle with daily. For India to refuse to at least try it out is a disservice to their people.

But India caved in and listened to President Trump. The president loves people and hates to see them suffer. India had banned a lot of goods from other countries to protect the people and animals within their borders.

But the virus is not going to stop at a checkpoint and present papers for entering the country. It will simply travel across in a person and begin its trek across the land.

President Trump state that “I spoke to him [Modi] Sunday morning, called him, and I said we’d appreciate your allowing our supply to come out. If he doesn’t allow it to come out, that would be OK, but of course, there may be retaliation. Why wouldn’t there be?”

The retaliation would be done if they did not care for their people. If there is a cure or drug that can help, the leaders of India are bound by ethics to at least try it out.

India did not take offense to the statement that President Trump made. Because they saw that it was made in a way that showed he cared. It is a serious matter that they need to pay attention to.

The leaders of India have opened their borders enough to let the drug make its way into the hands of the doctors for use against the virus. People are dying and they need help. President Trump sees this point and wants to motivate people to action.

India is a major producer of drugs used around the world. They banned all the outside drugs because of fear. They feared that the virus would travel into the country on the shipments of cargo.

They finally have come to realize that they are seeing it show up by other means. It is thought that the number of people infected in India is about 4,800 souls. But because of the rural areas that number is thought to be too low.

The drug does have some side effects. But there is not a drug on the market that at least does not have at least one side effect. The cost of a life far outweighs any side effects.

Most people when given the choice between a side effect and death will choose to take the drug. It comes down to the fact that people want to live. They should at least have the choice to choose the treatment or not.

The FDA has allowed the usage of the drug by medical professionals. It is reported that there are 29 million pills ready for use to fight the virus. Diana Zuckerman who is with the National Center for Health and Research as stated that “There is no evidence that these drugs will help people survive, and there is evidence that they can cause substantial harm, including blindness and heart failure. These drugs can have dangerous interactions with other drugs, which older patients with other medical conditions may also be taking.”

There is no evidence because it has not been tested yet. At some point, the tests have to come by way of real patients. People that are dying will volunteer to at least try with the hopes of surviving. If it works for them, then they will have been the test needed to prove that it will help someone else. This makes the patient the hero and a source of hope for the next person.