Infighting Continues in Soap Opera Style Drama Within Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is on the verge of a massive meltdown as the infighting ramps up over how they feel about the nation of Israel. Progressives are very vocal with their hatred towards the Jews. They believe that their Muslim partners deserve the right to kill at will any Jew found on the streets of Jerusalem and other cities around the world.

But not all lawmakers are buying into their rhetoric. There are a few liberals that want them to keep their mouths shut because they know that most of America supports Israel.

The anti-Semitism that is coming from the Nazi-left in the Democratic Party is getting louder and more aggressive. Their demonically driven hatred for Israel is forcing a rift to develop within the left.

When Hamas attacked Israel, the far-left socialists took out their cheerleader outfits and went straight to supporting Hamas. They cheered every time a rocket slipped through the Iron Dome and killed an innocent civilian. The progressives in America are murderous and cannot help themselves when it comes to bashing Jewish people.

But other Democrats need them to shut their mouths. The bombing of Israel was a terrorist attack and for some of the Democrats to support such an action is to turn their backs on a long-time ally in the Middle East.

The far-left liberals and their pointless remarks would incite violence all over the United States as their supporters would march into the streets looking for Jewish people to hurt and insult. Many of these attacks are still happening even after the police had arrested several assailants.

One such politician is Dean Phillips. He stated, “I’ll say the quiet part out loud; it’s time for ‘progressives’ to start condemning antisemitism and violent attacks on Jewish people with the same intention and vigor demonstrated in other areas of activism. The silence has been deafening.”

The blatant attacks by the progressives are no better than the attacks by Hamas. Their words create hatred for the Jewish people, motivating people to find the Jewish people and cause them harm.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez coldly stated that “The United States should not be rubber-stamping weapons sales to the Israeli government as they deploy our resources to target international media outlets, schools, hospitals, humanitarian missions, and civilian sites for bombing. We have a responsibility to protect human rights.”

Her view of Israel is one of intense misunderstanding. The Jewish people did not start the fight. They only defended themselves when Hamas opened fire. The Palestinian people are the ones that killed kids and targeted the schools and hospitals scattered around major cities. She is blind to Israel being a peaceful nation and would never make the first strike like Hamas does when it suits them.

Ocasio-Cortez continues to show her wet-behind-the-ears demeanor when she tries to make statements she clearly does not understand. It was evident that she did not read up on the history of Israel. She reacts to what the Muslim terrorists tell her that she has chosen to be friends within Washington.

Another Democrat from California named Brad Sherman noted that the AOC’s comment “is nothing new.” He noted that “There have been elements in the Democratic Party, I’ve been combating them since the 1980s, who don’t really have an understanding of Israel’s history or of the history of the Middle East conflict. I think that the latest attempt is to try to deny Israel the JDAMS. Well, what are the JDAMS? I don’t think the opponents of Israel have noticed that this is a device designed to make sure that a bomb doesn’t hit the wrong target.”

The AOC and her companions do not understand how terrorists fight and countries defend themselves. A terrorist targets kids and adults, while a country like Israel pinpoints its target with such precision that only the terrorists are killed.

Progressives are dividing their party right down the middle to the point that infighting is breaking out. A house that is divided will not stand for very long. And it is just a matter of time before the right political party moves in and takes back what the Democrats have been mishandling for the past six months.