Ironic: Mexico is Now Deporting Illegals to Slow Infection Rate

The issue of immigration has not been forgotten. It has been overshadowed by the coronavirus. President Trump closed the borders to keep the virus from moving between countries.

He has also pushed for immigration to deport all the illegals back to their homelands, so they do not bring the virus into America. Those decisions were met with hostility from the Democrats who would love to open the borders and let the virus run free. In the Democrat’s eyes, the president was seen as a racist.

But the president does not care what the Democratic enemy thinks. He does what is best for the country. There is no doubt that his actions saved a lot of lives. It also stopped the spread of the virus at the border.

Not only did he keep America safe, but also the neighbors to the north and south of the country. President Trump has also restricted immigration for the span of 60 more days in an effort to stop any potential new outbreaks. Everyone knows that the Democrats were going to complain about his decision. But, no one cared.

And now it seems that his decisions were right all along. They were so successful that other nations have followed in his footsteps. Mexico has decided to deport all of their illegal immigrants for the very same reasons.

It is interesting to see that none of the Democrats are whining about Mexico doing what needs to be done. The Democrats only have a problem with what President Trump does because they hate him for beating them in 2016.

For the past several weeks Mexico has cleared out its detention centers. Numbers show that at one time they had 3,759 immigrants sitting in their centers. Now they have that number to 106 people sitting in their centers. They have done the right thing, and no one cried foul.

The only time anyone cries about things in the United States is when the president does the right thing. The liberals try to pick it apart and when they fail they run to the courts. But even in the courts, they are failing because what they are proposing is in clear violation of the Constitution.

Mexico deported its immigrants for the same reason the president did so in America. It was to stop the spread of the virus, continue immigration protocols, and to keep jobs available for Americans that were once taken by illegals. To the Democrats, this was not fair to the criminals. They could care less about the true citizen struggling to find work.

Democratic nuisance Gavin Newsom sides with the criminals so much that he is willing to pay illegals for sitting around doing nothing. He stated that “We feel a deep sense of gratitude for people who are in fear of deportations but are still addressing the essential needs of tens of millions of Californians.

This is a state that steps up always to support those in need, regardless of status.” In other words, he is saying as long as they continue to serve as slaves, they can stay and make a few dollars for their time.

Newsom maintains that the farmers need the illegals to bring in the harvest. But he has sided with cheap labor. Acts of slavery that is going to land him in a lot of trouble.

The Democrats only see themselves at the top of the hierarchy that they are trying to build. They would have every American working in the fields making next to nothing just to serve them in their communist utopian dream world.

The world is watching the evil Democrats side with the illegals and ultimately the criminals of the world. Their hatred for the president is the first of its kind in American history.

There has never been a nasty group of Democrats so bent on destroying the president than what is president in today’s political realm. The president has done an amazing job for the country and the Democrats can only focus on made-up problems. Many of which they created themselves.