Is Biden Plagiarizing Obama’s Immigration Policies?

So far, Joe Biden has failed to provide any clear-cut plan for the future of America. He has only offered vague details to a plan that really does not make a lot of sense. Kamala Harris has not been a help to understand just what Biden stands for. All everyone gets from them as answers is silence or statements claiming people are too ignorant to understand his thinking.

The policies that he has set down on the table mirror what Obama did as president. Biden is plagiarizing his old bosses’ policies and trying to pass them off as his own.

In a report put out by the Heritage Foundation, it was found that “If Biden were to become president, he would return to many of the same immigration policies in place during the Obama administration. This would include protecting and expanding the DACA program, admitting at least 125,000 refugees annually and seeking amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens.”

Biden has no thoughts that are his own for the plan that he believes is right for America. He has put together a plan that has already been used and does not work. Some of the things that he proposes is actually illegal and unconstitutional.

The DACA program is one of the largest things that should have never been allowed to start. Obama has even admitted that he should not have approved its formation. All Biden wants to do is return America to the pre-Trump days. He wants to let the Obama agenda stand for another four years.

Biden wants to take the illegals that do not have a right to be in the country and just make them citizens. He wants to give them federal money for education, and he even wants to expand the program to millions of more illegals staying in the country right now.  He wants to reward the criminals for their crimes against the country.

Biden also claims that President Trump is doing nothing to address the problem of illegal immigration and those that are already in the country illegally. The truth is that he has worked on several ideas, but they have faced opposition. President Trump does not forge ahead without support from his advisers and others in the legislature.

Biden is copying Obama’s plan by adding to what has already been and passing it off as a new program or some radically new idea. He wants to push for 11 million illegals to be made citizens. He wants to see them honored and catered to.

These people are criminals living in America illegally. They lied about needing asylum. And they deserve to be sent back to the country from which they came.

Biden would also love to see bans placed on terrorist countries lifted so their people can come to America freely. He wants to see the terrorists again and see Islam dominate across the country. Obama was pro-Islam to the point that he started to push the religion into the school systems.

Biden’s campaign website states that “It is yet another abuse of power by the Trump administration designed to target primarily black and brown immigrants. Biden will immediately rescind the ‘Muslim bans.’” He wants to turn America into a Muslim country.

There is no originality with Biden. Nothing that he proposes for America is his own idea. He has to be told what to say by the progressive left. He has to copy the Obama era plans. What he is doing is trying to remake America in his bosses’ image.

Joe Biden has shown that he is not competent to serve as the president. He no longer has the mental capacity to think clearly or logically like a president needs to do. His plan opens up America to a new realm of threats that President Trump spent four years securing the people from.

President Trump has the only clear path for the country. He will protect Americans from the threats that Biden would let across the borders. There is no reason to think that Biden is capable of doing the demanding job of being president. He will lose like has happened in the past. President Trump will be in the White for another term, which means America will stay great.