Is Governor Whitmer Encouraging the Assassination of Trump?

Every now and again, politicians put words or numbers behind them as a subliminal message. It’s a way to call attention to something that is meaningful within their lives. It may have to do with a bill or amendment they are behind. It may have to do with a particular organization that they support.

Well, Governor Whitmer has decided that it would be a good idea to send a subliminal message out to those who follow her. “8645.” Those four numbers were displayed in the background when she appeared on “Meet the Press” on NBC this past Sunday.

8645 seems like four innocent numbers until people break it down. Those numbers were found in bubble letters, leaning against a house plant found in her home.

“86” is shorthand for killing someone or something. It’s been used in a number of instances, and restaurants even use it when they’re taking an item off the menu.

“45” signifies the 45th president – Donald Trump.

Put it together and Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s message is to kill Donald Trump. This alone should get her locked into a room with the Secret Service to find out if she has any intention of taking out the President of the United States.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this were Whitmer’s plan. The governor of Michigan has been one of the most hated people of the state as many people say that she’s been holding them prisoner due to her extreme executive orders. The FBI also unveiled a plot where a right-wing group was going to kidnap the governor.

Whitmer should be thanking the federal government for finding out about the plan and saving her. But, no. She’s a Democrat. So, the only thing that she did was blame President Trump. Trump had nothing to do with this, nor did he encourage her to play dictator of the state, which was what led to the kidnapping attempt.

One of Trump’s campaign Twitter accounts, the Trump War Room, figured out the “86 45” very quickly, tweeting out “Whitmer is encouraging assassination attempts against President Trump just weeks after someone sent a ricin-laced package to the White House.”

The Whitmer administration should be working hard to explain the significance of 86 45 since it’s obvious what it means – unless it does mean something else.

Nope. Instead, Tori Saylor, the deputy digital and creative director for Whitmer praised the use of the digits along with a screenshot of the governor on NBC.  When asked pointedly by the press to explain the significance of those four numbers, the requests are ignored.

Whitmer feels she is justified, perhaps, to call for such action. When Trump rallied in Muskegon, Michigan, and told the crowds that they have to get the governor to open up the state and the schools, the crowd chanted, “Lock her up.” Trump added to that by saying, “Lock them all up.”

There’s a difference, though. Trump was not incentivizing and inciting domestic terrorism. He was simply saying that something had to be done. He, as president, isn’t going to tell anyone to lock up the governor. However, he is saying that what she has done is wrong – and the state’s supreme court has agreed. She took executive orders to the extreme, forgetting that she has to work with the state Congress to make laws.

Whitmer is taking it to the extreme, which is what Democrats do. He didn’t protect her because she didn’t want his protection. Now, though, she’s feeling the heat. Instead of apologizing to the constituents and opening the state up, she’s actively calling for the assassination of the president.

It’s very possible that Whitmer has lost her mind. She has forgotten that she’s not the dictator of Michigan. She’s the governor – and she has to follow rules. Now, it’s just a matter of time before the Secret Service knocks on her door to find out the real meaning behind those bubble letters leaning against her plant.