Is the Coronavirus the Dems New Secret Weapon?

The news, the reports, and all the media surrounding the Coronavirus have revealed many things, not to mention the Dems willingness to use anything for their benefit and political gain. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise us if we understand the basic M.O. of the Left.

This is the same collection of Socialist-leaning agenda-driven politicians who will do anything to win, that use gun violence tragedy to promote their personal war on guns. This is the same bunch of fanatics that have made how many impeachment efforts against the President without regard for the expense or opinion of the American people.

For this Left-leaning and Socialist-loving party, moral integrity and ethical compassion are simply pawns in the game. To the downtrodden and struggling, they don’t make plans but empty promises. Free healthcare, free education, free money, and whatever else it takes to win.

So this latest twist regarding that curious and even deadly Coronavirus shouldn’t surprise any of us. Even if it does lack any compassion for those who have suffered or any regard for the health and safety of the Nation. As one story reported, this last play made by the Democrats does both.

According to that story, the Dems are employing one of their most influential tools – the media, to use the Coronavirus as a weapon against the President. The influence of politics on mainstream media is no secret and the questionable reliability of those major news networks has been discussed at length. Now, they are back at it again.

As the story revealed, the Dems unleashed their media attack dogs at the onset of the Coronavirus to suggest that President Trump was doing too much. Sharing one of those examples, Democratic Rep. Ami Bera, M.D., of California who chaired a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing about the virus tweeted:

“We shouldn’t have an antagonistic relationship with the Chinese. We should be working hand in hand,” he said regarding Trump’s Feb 4 ban that centered on the center of the virus. What followed, as we all witnessed was a scare to the stock market and an obvious strain on foreign trade. Forget the fact that President Trump recognized a potentially serious threat to the health and safety of the country, the Dems jumped on his quick response.

Now, fast forward one month, and as the story continued, the storyline from the Left has quickly changed. Sharing a story from another Left-driven media outlet that began, “Trump’s mismanagement helped fuel coronavirus crisis. Current and former administration officials blame the president for creating a no-bad-news atmosphere that stifled attempts to combat the outbreak.”

Yes, you read that correctly. When it all began, he was accused of being too aggressive and doing too much. Today, just weeks later, the story is the President isn’t doing enough, that he hasn’t done enough.

Of course, that is part of the job description as the President of the United States, to cure viruses and disease. While the Dems haven’t accused of him that just yet, wait for it, because before it is all said and done they may even blame him for creating the Coronvirus itself. Just remember, you heard that here first.

All of that rhetoric, however, is just more of the same type of behavior we have almost come to expect from the other side of the aisle. What is sad though, is that this time, there are real lives at stake. This is a real virus, and it kills people, but the Dems seem more occupied with using this as an opportunity to attack the President, and less concerned about stopping it.

What if – no, the Dems couldn’t be behind the Coronavirus, could they? How silly does that sound? But would we put it past the Left to give it a go? After all, how many times have they made an effort to impeach the President?

No, this disease wasn’t some virus created in a lab by a political mastermind, Democrat or Republican. This is simply an ugly threat to all of us and a virus that must be dealt with, sooner than later. Hopefully, they won’t be too disappointed to lose their newest secret weapon against the President, and good riddance when they do.