Is This the Beginning of the End for the Ilhan Omar Saga?

She has been intimately linked with and is often seen as a mouthpiece for the infamously dubbed Squad. And she has also been like that unwanted fly at your picnic in the park for those on the right and the left side of the aisle. Now, and not soon enough for some, it looks like we might be seeing her swan song begin.

As one recent story reported, the outspoken and outlandish freshman Congresswoman who has had a turbulent first term is now facing a challenger who is being backed by the President. Not that President Trump supporting any opponent of the rogue Rep. of Minnesota’s 5th District is a surprise, but this also seemed like a genuine endorsement too.

Taking to Twitter President Trump said: “And I’m Endorsing you also Lacy, you truly deserve it. You are doing a great job, and Omar is a disaster who wants much higher taxes, hates our Military & our Vets, demands Open Borders, and is fighting to take away our great 2nd Amendment. Good luck Lacy!”

Yes, it was a ringing endorsement and a stinging rebuke of the Democratic Representative. It isn’t that the loud and opinionated Omar had any real power or authority, but remember that fly at the picnic, you’d swat it if you could.

It isn’t as if the freshman Rep. hasn’t brought this storm on herself either though, as another story shared. That story reminded us of “Omar’s stormy first 16 months in Congress, where she established herself as a nationally prominent voice on her party’s left, a foil for President Donald Trump, and a lightning rod for controversy, spanning from her attacks on Israel’s influence in U.S. politics to her well-publicized divorce and remarriage to her political consultant.”

Between her own sketchy and questionable history, her far-Left reaching idealism, and her controversial manner, all that was left to finish the script was a viable challenger. Hello Lacy Johnson!

So who is Lacy Johnson, the candidate President Trump so openly supported and praised? Well, it appears he is the answer to President Trump’s fly problem and the scariest fly swatter that Ilhan Omar might ever see.

According to the first story, and in his own words, Mr. Johnson said, “She’s a socialist… She’s anti-American sovereignty.” Then he stopped being nice and said she, “is “anti-American security, anti-semitic, and anti-Israel… She’s got a lot of crazy ideas when it comes to climate change and things like that… .”

It is safe to say that Ilhan Omar has an opponent who has the reasons, the resources, and the backing they need to finish the job and the story of Ilhan Omar. It also felt like it was more than merely political for Lacy Johnson, in fact, in one statement the challenger gave it felt almost personal.

Speaking on behalf of his constituents he said that he is running on behalf of “…concerned Minnesotans who see what Omar is doing and think she’s almost an embarrassment to the district and state, and they’re looking for someone to run against her.”

Mr. Johnson, it isn’t only the people of Minnesota that are rooting for you but many on the Left who aren’t liberal and social-loving Dems, along with every Republican in the country, including the President. This isn’t a surprise to most folks, we all knew that Ilhan Omar wasn’t going to be around too long – right? At least we hoped she wouldn’t.

Her upstart and surprising win over that Minnesota incumbent in what seems like a lifetime ago has been a story that most have grown tired of reading. Her antics and attention-getting efforts have grown tiresome even for the members of her own party, and she has only created more division among the Democratic ranks.

Is it voting season yet, (haha we’re hunting Omars)?

No, this won’t change the landscape of politics in America. This might not even have that much impact in Minnesota either, but it certainly won’t hurt. The best news, however, is that we finally get to begin writing the closing chapter of what was surely a fairy tale for a few (or maybe only one), and a nightmare for many.