Is This the End for Pelosi After Holding Americans Hostage?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been leading the Democratic Party for years, pushing it farther and farther to the left. The progressive lawmaker from California has served in Congress since 198y. And, as you can imagine, you don’t get a career in politics for that long without amassing quite a few followers.

However, it appears that her following is dwindling by a lot. So much so that some say this is the beginning of the end for the speaker.

Up until now, the speaker has gone into each election year nearly uncontested. Sure, there have been a few Republicans stand up to her, wanting her congressional seat and district. But none have even made it to the general election.

This year that changes, and to everyone’s surprise, it’s not a conservative who dares to challenge her. It’s a very progressive left Democrat.

But why after all these years, would her party be turning against her?

Well, her first mistake was her handling of the impeachment trials. The case against President Donald Trump had obviously been building for some time. As such, the speaker had been pushed by the left time and time again to take up articles of impeachment and begin the process. Yet she didn’t. She hesitated time and time again.

She stated that she wanted everything to be just right. After all, it would be a shame if they rushed into it without all the facts and lost, right? But this hesitation caused many in the party to lose faith in her, thinking that maybe she didn’t have what it took to get it done. They were frustrated that she wouldn’t push the issue and instead seemed only to go along with Trump’s ideas.

And then when she did finally start the process, it seemed they were right.

Take her very liberal contender and Pakistani American Shahid Buttar, for example. Once an advocate of hers, he now believes her incapable of furthering the left’s agenda. And her “mishandling” of the impeachment trials is a perfect example of this.

Buttar told BuzzFeed News, “She said (Ukraine) was the easiest thing to explain. It wasn’t either. It was the hardest thing for people to understand. Failing to remove the president is worse than having not shown up at all because now he is emboldened… Pelosi fired the one-shot she had, and it was a weak one.”

And I’m willing to bet he isn’t the only progressive who feels this way.

Her latest error was thinking that she could use the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading like wildfire and crippling lives all over the US as an excuse to get her “wish list” done.

As I’m sure you are well aware, Congress has been arguing for the last week or so about how to combat the growing virus. President Trump and his administration but an emergency bill together that would provide relief to communities, companies, and Americans who are in need at this time.

However, after taking one quick look at it, Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts decided it wasn’t good enough. Basically, it didn’t give the Democrats what they wanted. In a matter of hours, Pelosi and her party presented a 1,400-page bill of their own. Only it had little to do with emergency virus relief.

Included in the bill were things like making minimum wage $15 an hour, bailing out the US Postal Service, abortion funding, canceling student debt, same-day voter registration, and providing tax credits for things like solar and wind energy that reduce carbon emissions.

It was so blatantly clear that this was not just something whipped up in a weekend to combat a pandemic. And Democratic House Majority Whip and Pelosi crony James Clyburn even admitted that “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Correspondent Garrett Haake similarly told MSNBC that it was “an opportunity for Democrats to show what their priorities are in this crisis.”

And according to lifelong Democrat Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, it was the last straw. She, like many others, are so disgusted by Pelosi’s move that they are running from the party altogether.

Borysenko tweeted, “I have never voted for someone who was not a Democrat in my life. That streak will end in November. I am beyond angry at what they are doing… This is taking advantage of a crisis. It’s unconscionable.”

If Pelosi isn’t careful, she will run not only herself but her entire party into the ground.