Is Your Neighborhood Slated to Be Part of New Door-To-Door Vaccination Program?

The “new normal” might not be very normal at all, thanks to a new program that has healthcare workers going door to door giving people their COVID-19 vaccine.

The program sounds like “a terrible pitch for a reality TV show in the COVID era,” but it is, in fact, happening.

The report stated that Toronto health officials have decided to suit up and pass out COVID-19 vaccines at people’s homes, according to the Toronto Star, who stated that the staff from Humber River Hospital in the Canadian city had brought a table full of vaccines for the residents who answered their doors.

The program was arranged for parliament member Faisal Hassan who appears to believe that the reason residents aren’t getting the shot is that they couldn’t get to the shot.

“The problem was that it was a pop-up vaccination effort in every sense of the word: Residents said communication on the vaccinations was poor or nonexistent, including details on how to register for it. Given the lack of notification, some people weren’t even home when officials came to vaccinate them,” TWJ reported.

“I honestly do not think that enough focus has been placed on people’s health, instead of what has been placed on the economy,” 80-year-old Tidy Francis said.

The Star reported that Francis “rushed to the doorway and yelled in the hallway to medical staff asking if he could get the vaccine” at his age.

“When they need you to vote? They know how to get to you. They have all these booths all over the place when they needed to vote, when it’s the takeaway health they should have something that’s similar.”

According to TWJ’s report, there were about 113 residents who were registered and had their health cards ready, but a plethora of other residents didn’t know that the jab would be coming to them until they heard a knock on the door.

Francis said he was notified at “the last minute” so he “didn’t have the opportunity to register” via a door-to-door outreach program, the Star reported. But another resident in her 40’s said she wasn’t aware that anyone in her group was eligible to even receive the shot:

“I didn’t think people in their 40s were, you know, eligible to get a vaccine yet, so I was [surprised] and happy at the same time,” said 46-year-old Fola Ogunti. She was less thrilled that she didn’t know it was coming because she said her partner wasn’t home at the time of the pop-up vaccination program and that they didn’t receive so much as an email from the Toronto Community Housing about the program.

Ogunti went on to contact Hassan over not being able to add her partner to the list of vaccinated, to which the parliament member blamed …. Historical inequality for their choice of venue and time.

“The inequalities that exist here are unacceptable,” Hassan told the Star.

“People have been calling me, emailing me, and telling me, where do we register? Where do we get all of our vaccines?” he said.

“So what they are simply trying to do is they are letting us down again and again. And this will be continued the capacity that we have become an afterthought in this community. That’s unacceptable.”

The entire episode was topped off by Toronto Community Housing’s director of strategic communications Bruce Malloch saying that the effort was “very coordinated.”

“[Toronto Community Housing Corporation] staff knocked on every door in the building (391 units) on Thursday, April 1 to inform tenants about the clinic and register them if they said they wanted the vaccine,” he said in an email. “If no one was home, staff left behind a notice with a name and phone number that tenants could call if they wanted to sign up for the vaccine. A number of them did so.”