Islamic Terrorists are Mounting Heads on Sticks in Mozambique While the Rest of World Turns a Blind eye

Mozambique, Africa, has seen their fair share of disasters, but nothing compares to what they are now experiencing at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Nothing.

Severed heads mounted on poles line the streets, blood runs like a river, churches and homes have been reduced to piles of ashes, and as many as 250,000 have been left displaced and homeless.

Incoming food supplies have been halted as starvation takes it toll, and yet, the ruthless reign of terror inflicted by Islamic terrorist continues. They will stop at nothing until not one living person, animal, or insect, has not even one small breath of life remaining.

Since 2017, the terrorists have infiltrated the African nation, but as of late, the deadly efforts have escalated. The goal of the terrorists is to obliterate Christianity and anyone who claims the faith, as well as the recruitment of young new soldiers for their cause.

Their recruitment methods are simple. Join us or we’ll splatter your blood in the most grotesque manner possible.

As a religious leader of Mozambique’s Pemba Diocese, Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa said the rest of the world is looking at their plight with indifference.

“The world still has no idea what is happening, because of indifference, and because it seems that we have already become accustomed to wars. There is war in Iraq, there is war in Syria and there is also now a war in Mozambique.”

“They attacked the church and burnt the benches and a statue of Our Lady, made of ebony. They also destroyed an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to whom the parish is dedicated. Fortunately, they were unable to burn the building itself, only the benches.” But not to worry. They’ll get around to it.

The Catholic News Agency reported that young girls are being abducted, not only for the sexual pleasure of the terrorists but to be sold off as sex slaves to the highest bidders.

Lisboa said that survivors who have managed to escape the horror have been traumatized beyond belief, and should not be treated as numbers.

“We cannot treat people like numbers. They are people and behind every person, there’s a story, there’s trauma from this war,” he stated. “Either because they lost their home, or because they saw their families being killed or because some of their relatives are missing.”

He further added, “There are many traumas, many, so we cannot limit ourselves in providing food, that’s very little. Food is important, food keeps you going, it feeds the body. But some people are broken, traumatized with everything they have lived through, so we see that psychological and social support is fundamental.”

Though the armed forces of Mozambique are fighting back, and have managed to kill at least 50 of the terrorists, they are outnumbered. And in many cases, the terrorists possess better weaponry than they do.

In efforts to stop the attacks, Mozambique is increasing their troop strength and building its military power. Lisboa believes strongly that 2021 will see a turn of events and anticipates they will at long last defeat of the terrorists.

Once the Islamist’s are forced into defense mode, he also believes that most of the young recruits who have been forced into fighting alongside them will lay their weapons down, or turn on the terrorists in the heat of battle, taking out as many of them as they can from within their internal ranks.

Much of the world has no idea of the level of devastation the residents of Mozambique face on a daily basis since news seldom makes it past their border, and because the nation is largely viewed as being an insignificant nation with not much to offer.

Yet there is nothing insignificant about the murders of entire families who are guilty of nothing more than worshiping the God of their choice, in the way they please.

By no other definition, Islam is pure evil, and through the determination of Mozambique’s citizens, and with God on their side, they will prevail.