Israel Loves Peace and Donald Trump

For years Benjamin Netanyahu has led Israel as their Prime Minister. And for the past several months, there has been a split over who won the last election. Until recently, it was hard to determine. But now that Yair Lapid has been confirmed as the new foreign minister. And he is determined to stay the course set down by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu to keep peace in Israel.

Yair Lapid could teach Joe Biden a few things about making hasty decisions by removing work done by his predecessor.  Biden was quick to take apart all the security measures that Donald Trump has put in place to protect the American people. Biden has allowed illegals to overrun the country. And he is not willing to deal with the problem.

Lapid has stated that Israel will continue to support peace following the work that Donald Trump did for the region. But they will continue to resist Iran’s efforts of nuclear weapons development. Biden would have scraped the peace treaty in Israel and jumped into bed with Iran just because his predecessor was a member of another political party.

Lapid is planning on keeping the position that Netanyahu held when he was in office. The former prime minister lost his position after 12 years because a few left-wing members of opposing parties got together and voted him out. Liberals in every country are determined to tear down what is right and replace it with their version of crime and corruption.

The Iran deal was at the center of Lapid’s speech. The nation of Israel stands against Iran’s treaty brokered initially by Barack Obama when he tried to destroy America. Lapid knows that Obama was weak, and it was reflected in the treaty that the Democrats praised as a significant mile marker. But it failed to keep the Iranians from rising to nuclear power status.

Israel’s new leader was adamant that they still needed to deal with Iran. He is not in favor of any deal like the one Obama threw together a decade ago. He issued a stern warning that Israel will do whatever it needs to do to ensure the safety of its people and the region.

He told the liberal U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken that they would wait around for Biden to act as it has become clear to everyone that he favors Iran over Israel. Biden has already lifted sanctions and dragged the American people back under a deal that is certainly not in the countries best interests.

The one thing that they are going to do to keep peace in Israel is to continue to live up to Donald Trump’s work while he was in office. The Abraham Accords is the plan that seeks to stabilize relations between the Jewish nation and its Arab neighbors. Iran wants to break those ties, but Israel is committed to peace.

One report stated that Lapid stated, “We will sign more agreements with additional countries. The Palestinian arena will define to a large extent what the other theaters will look like, and we have a lot to do to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians and to improve the dialogue.”

Yair Lapid is known as a centrist. He is positioned to become the next prime minister of Israel because of the support that he yields from other parties. They have banded together to work out a power-sharing deal that will unite Israel like never before.

Biden is glad that Benjamin Netanyahu is gone. He sees this as his opportunity to start over with relations between the two countries. But Lapid has already thrown his hat in the ring with Donald Trump, so there will be tension between the two because Biden cannot stand anyone who likes the former president.

Joe Biden wants to get into Israel and poison their system of government so Iran can find a new way to hurt the Jewish people. But with Lapid’s commitment to peace and safety for the nation of Israel, Biden is going to find out real quick that he is not as popular in Israel as he may think he is.