It’s Official! America Is Now Forcing Racial Equity Instead of Racial Equality With Biden’s First Executive Order

Within hours of being sworn into office, Biden signed a number of executive orders. Do any of these orders address the real issues that are causing stress and anxiety for so many Americans? The answer to that question should already be obvious. Everyone knew that he was going to issue a mask mandate and social distancing on federal property was always going to happen, too.

Another order focused on “support for underserved communities” and racial equity. America has also rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, which was a predictable reversal of a Trump administration policy. Setting aside the fact that face masks have been proven faulty, what does Joe Biden truly expect to accomplish here?

America is going to spend $1 trillion rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and these monies that are not being spent to improve our own conditions. Trump exited the Accord because he viewed it as a global wealth redistribution scheme. Biden could not stand to maintain any Trump administration policies, though.

He wanted to walk in and let the liberal voters know that he meant business. Unfortunately for us, this means that he is more worried about appeasing them than helping the rest of America. Recent reports indicate that the United States reduced its CO2 emissions in 2019 and 2020 more than any other country but no one is talking about this part.

In the liberal world, there is nothing positive that can be linked to Trump. The mean orange man brought nothing but doom and gloom. Now, their pal Sleepy Joe has been summoned to come in and clean up the mess. It’s a cute narrative for them but it does not align with reality. China and India’s CO2 emissions have only continued to increase but America is the only nation being taken to task for it.

Yesterday served as an interesting glimpse into the mindset of Biden and his team. He claimed that he would work hard for all Americans, not just those who voted for him. There’s no evidence of that so far. So far, all he wants to do is sign away every single ounce of progress that was made during the previous administration.

At the end of the day, that is what it is all about. How can anyone be all that surprised? The man’s platform was essentially “you should vote for me because I am not Donald Trump” and anyone who claims otherwise hasn’t been paying attention. He was also fond of telling any of his voters who had legitimate concerns that they needed to be voting for Trump instead.

Anyone who expects policy decisions that aren’t based on sticking it to Trump is in for a very long wait. Social media had barely started to dissect the inauguration ceremony when the orders came down. It’s amazing how fast the Democrats can work when they think that they are going to gain something (or punch down at the GOP). In these situations, the paperwork cannot be signed fast enough.

The only solace that any of us have at this point is of little comfort at the moment. Biden’s advanced age almost guarantees that he is going to struggle mightily to make it through one term. Harris has to be licking her chops as we speak. That was always the plan, from her perspective. All she has to do is bide her time and the rest will take care of itself. There’s no way Biden is planning on remaining in office well into his 80s.

She knows it, he knows it, we all know it. In the meantime, all Biden wants to do is make sure that the conservative thinkers in this country know who is boss. There is not going to be any unity or equality….just forced equity. This is the beginning of a new Democratic agenda but it is certainly going to have a number of similarities with the ones we already know and despise.